Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE and AT&T HTC One X Delayed – Apple To Blame


Two of HTC’s heavy hitters — the HTC EVO 4G LTE and HTC One X — are facing shipping delays here in the states due to a U.S. Customs investigation. Apparently, both devices are being examined to ensure they aren’t in violation of an International Trade Commission exclusion order over Apple patent #5,946,647 (having to do with clickable links inside messaging and browser apps). HTC was supposed to have taken care of the issue but in a statement today, HTC announced:

“The US availability of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to a standard U.S. Customs review of shipments that is required after an ITC exclusion order. We believe we are in compliance with the ruling and HTC is working closely with Customs to secure approval. The HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE have been received enthusiastically by customers and we appreciate their patience as we work to get these products into their hands as soon as possible.”

Take a quick jump onto AT&T’s website, and you’ll notice both grey and white version of the One X are currently “out of stock,” and now it seems the EVO 4G LTE wont make its intended May 18th debut on Sprint.

HTC has been faced with ongoing legal troubles from Apple over patents on a few specific HTC devices and although it’s unclear why only these 2 HTC devices were targeted, we can only imagine Apple had something to do with this. The end of 2011 wasn’t the best year for the Taiwanese manufacturer and HTC was hoping hoping to get a good start on 2012 by beating the Samsung Galaxy S3 out of the gate. This would help them gain some of that valuable market share they’ve been losing to the GS2.

Let’s hope we wont have to wait too long before we can one again get our hands on arguably, the finest devices Android has to offer. Will this delay affect anyone’s decision to get their hands on the EVO LTE before the Galaxy S3 arrived? Let’s pretend for a second that this delay pushes the EVO LTE to launch right around the same time as the S3. Which would you choose?

[HTC One X on AT&T | All Things D]

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  1. God dang it Apple, this is why we can’t have nice things!

    1. It’s also why I won’t buy Apple products. While I generally think other companies make better products, anticompetitive like this is why I’ll never buy Apple products even if they did have a good product.

  2. Apple is the worst.

  3. Why isn’t the One S affected?

    1. Good question. For whatever reason, it seems these are the 2 devices Customs is investigating (for now). Technically, the same fate could befall any of HTC’s devices violating Apple’s patents at the moment. Scary. =/

    2. Because apple wants to hurt htc as much as they can by slowing sales of their biggest sellers

      1. The HTC One S is a big seller for T-Mobile, it’s their current hero phone. The biggest difference between the X and the S is screen size… and a LOT of people prefer 4.3 to 4.7 inches. They both have the same processor and the One S has Super Amoled. The one X does have the nice 720p screen over the One S qHD though. lte and hspa+ 42 make them comparable.

        There could be a carrier motive to this where Apple only cares about devices HTC is selling on networks they also sell the iPhone. Apple’s not out to totally KILL tmobile.

        1. I think you have a good point there. The other iPhone carrier is VZW who isn’t affected YET since the D inc 4g release is still a ways off.

  4. As far as Sprint, Oh, we’ll, no LTE in most of the US anyway.

  5. …damn shame.

  6. This really sucks… These were the 2 devices I was looking to jump on this weekend, only good thing is that I was torn anyway, lol… But I really hope they aren’t delayed

  7. It’s about time action is being taken. Apple needs protection from all of this infringement!

  8. OH SNAP

  9. According to the 2 reps I talked to today the new Evo is to ship tonight at 11:01pm CST we shall see

    1. I’m wondering if a few wont slip out before Apple and the ITC can stop ’em…

      1. I hope it is mine!! XD

  10. alright. i love apple. i use a macbook and own an ipad. i however use a nexus s as my phone. but this is garbage. unethical. and childish.

    1. It’s also just “business” unfortunately =/

      1. Chris’ comment for downvoted below threshold. LOL.

  11. Apple can suck it

  12. This has caused my blood to boil and is really grinding my gears. Damn u, Apple.

    Im still gonna show up to the Sprint store, Friday morning. Hopefully a few phones made it thru.

  13. HTC > Samsung any day.

  14. Just called Sprint and UT us stuck in customs. BS

    1. Be better if people called Apple and complained, CONSTANTLY. Seriously, let them know how pissed you are at their draconian tactics and that you’ll never buy one of their products when they use tactics like this.

  15. So what am I supposed to do now? I was planning to return my Sprint Galaxy Nexus on the 18th, just in time for the 14 day return policy. If I return it, I don’t have a spare phone to use in the meanwhile. :/. And I definitely don’t want to keep this POS.

    1. Hmm…. Go throw a brick at an apple store and run?

      1. So go throw an Iphone?

    2. Really? The Galaxy Nexus is a POS? Are you sure you’re not just one of those impossible to please, have to have it first, no patience dickwads who buy the latest and greatest and return it on a whim? It’s because of nerdy losers like you that the 30 day return is now 14 days and that restocking fees apply. Thank you Apple for delaying the HTC Evo and forcing you to make an adult decision and sticking with what you bought in the first place. Or enjoy paying the restock fee….the Nexus Prime is not a POS….people like you are.

      1. And people who call people a POS are one too.
        Nice that you think you know me. Understand the situation before making a long useless comment.

        Coming from my Evo 3D, it lags a lot more, has worst battery life, and has worst reception. I’m not using my upgrade on a phone that’s inferior.

        1. ;U can’t give away a evo 3D. The fact that you’re comparing a 3d to a nexus speaks volumes. Inferior?! Nexus kills the 3d.

  16. I’ll take a GN any day running aokp with Franco kernel over either of these phones. 16-18 hour battery life, fast, free hotspot. What more I need ??

    1. The best screen presently available?

  17. Called again he said everything is still all set and to deliver the preorders at 11:01 CST

  18. Apple sucks but if that lawsuit was a while back shouldn’t HTC have known this would delay their products?

  19. Are you fracking serious, a patent on clickable links?! Cripes, who the hell would grant a patent on that with so much prior art? Hell, I’m pretty sure that old Windows Mobile and other mobile products had hyperlinks in messages.

    1. Fuzzypaw that is what is wrong its not Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorolla…etc Its the patent system!!!… who in their right mind would give someone that patent its something so generic.

  20. haters……………my god i neeed tht evo

  21. Well, this only pushes me more towards the Galaxy Nexus…

  22. Yet another reason to hate Apple!!

  23. Sounds like Apple is scared. They targeted these two phones because they were the biggest threats. They ignored the One S because they don’t see T-Mobile as a threat, probably correctly. To the other question in the article, if the One X was delayed until the release of the S III I would still get the One X, as I prefer HTC. That said, since VZW is stupid, I don’t have that decision to make. 8-(

  24. i have it reserved this sucks!

    1. Just buy an iphone.

  25. Why is apple doing this? Apple is out selling android and window combine! What gives?!!

    1. Android still exists. That’s enough to put Apple in war mode.

    2. Huh? Apple is certainly NOT outselling Android phones. Android phones are wiping the walls with Apple, collectively. And don’t forget, Samsung is the #1 seller of smartphones, worldwide, NOT Apple.

  26. i didn’t think it was possible for me to hate apple more , but i do .

  27. I called HTC and they said that yes there is a hold in U.S. Customs as of now and that HTC is working tirelessly with them to get any issue that may come forth taken care of so we can get our devices as soon as possible. Also rest assured that we will get you your device as soon as we can. :( This sucks WHY U.S. CUSTOMS WHY CRUSH OUR DREAMS ON SOMETHING WE ALREADY BOUGHT?

  28. I am a proud no apple’s product guy. Just say no to Apple.

  29. Apple’s IP needs to be protected!

  30. Apple’s just trying to delay everyone else’s progress because they’re out of product ideas. Sort of sad how corporations will do this

  31. so who is up for some apple store burning?

  32. Apple needs a new slogan : Apple, killing innovation one product at time. Or Apple, it’s us or nothing (seriously we have patents from the stone age!) Seriously something has to happen in the form of patent reform. No one would confuse the HTC One X or S for an iPhone. Another dirty trick pulled by the Wiley Coyote of the tech industry.

  33. Some please give Apple the kitchen sink made by Foxconn because that’s all they’re going to have left to throw at their competitors.

  34. What a joke, using customs’ resources to hold up and inspect cell phones for patent infringement. Was there no other way to do this? Could HTC not have simply submitted evidence way before hand? Find it ridiculous that it is standard procedure to have US customs inspect shipments just for good measure. Like do they think HTC would sneak the feature back on there? And hell, if HTC did not want to comply couldn’t they simply re-add the offending feature via update at any time. Seems pretty pointless to go through this nonsense.

  35. FU apple

  36. Referring to the iPhone back in 2007 “And boy have we patented it” – Steve Jobs. Followed by laughs, and a thunderous applause from the audience. I guess everyone else thought he was joking?

  37. I wonder if this also affects the Incredible 4G, which doesn’t have an official release date yet (so it technically wouldn’t be “delayed” from a consumer perspective).

  38. Don’t blame Apple blame Our Patent System because if Samsung/HTC had the patent they would be using it on someone else or each other. The business is cut throat and all of them are now using the patent system to get an edge instead of using research and development to make something new and great that could help their companies.

  39. Don’t blame Apple blame our patent system for giving a patent for something so stupid like clickable links.. that is the biggest problem and I fear that it will only get worse.

    1. No. Blame Apple. They’re the one abusing the system.

      1. And if it was HTC, Samsung, whoever who had the patent they would do the same thing. It is there patent this time and HTC should pay to use the patent or create their own like other companies have its that simple. Now its time for the other companies to give Apple a taste of their own medicine. You know what they say Karma is a bitch!

  40. People need to start flooding Apple’s call centers and email with comments about things like this. Overload their resources and let them know how irritated you are because their draconian tactics are affecting your purchasing choices.

  41. @teneightypee….I hope you’re being sarcastic and not an ignorant consumer.

  42. Apple is worse than gonorrhea… I know because I’ve HAD gonorrhea.. How’s that for establishing credibility.

  43. Seriously. Fuck Apple.

  44. This actually works for me. I was looking at nearly a month of the phone sitting in my wife’s closet until Father’s Day. Assuming things get rolling in a week or 2, I won’t have it so near, yet so far for as long.

  45. A sign that apple is doing everything it can to keep better products off the shelves

  46. some one needs to put apple in their place, i hate them with passion.

  47. Wow. Apple really -can- do anything. They found a way to make me despise them even more…didn’t think -that- was possible.

  48. apples mad because HTC and samsung both are gonna have comparable tech as the iphone5 s4 snapdragon or comparable processor(hello LTE compatiblity issues)and a tiny 4 inch screen. apple will have nothing new to show its sheep. HTC and Samsung will have taken a good chunk of the market by then.

  49. wouldn’t the same thing happen to the SGS3? I am sure apple will do whatever it can to stop it from coming into the US as well.

  50. Are you allowed to get a phone and then return it for your money back or a new phone when you have an upgrade within an amount of time? I would love to try the galaxy nexus out for a couple days till we get the new evo. just something to get me by haha

  51. I would def reconsider if the EVO LTE which I pre-ordered was released at the same time as the S3. Time to market is critical.

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