ASUS Padfone

Last updated: Apr 1st, 2012.

First unveiled during Computex 2011, in Taipei, the ASUS Padfone is one of the most unique devices of its time. ASUS is the first manufacturer to come up with such a unique idea. The ASUS Padfone is a smartphone that can be docked into a tablet, which can be docked into a keyboard.

The product offers great flexibility and convenience. This is mainly done possible thanks to the creation of Android 4.0, which unifies the tablet and smartphone Android operating systems. One can seamlessly alternate form-factors while using the same hardware and software.

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ASUS updating Padfone to Android 4.0.4, includes bug fixes and optimizations

ASUS has launched an update that raises the current Android version of their smartphone/tablet/laptop hybrid Padfone. While software version isn’t steeped in Jelly Bean, it does take the device’s Ice Cream Sandwich build to Android 4.0.4. At the same time the update addresses several known issues with the ASUS Padfone and provides optimizations for …

ASUS Padfone now available in the US for $860, includes Padfone Station

The ASUS Padfone is one of the most unique devices out there. Though its specs are nothing special among high-end devices, its multi-functional nature makes the smartphone/tablet very enticing. It is indeed a captivating offer. Many of us have been waiting for it to come to the US. If you are part of that group, …

Padfone 2 already on the ASUS slate, will feature 4G

ASUS is ramping up for the launch of the long-awaited Padfone three-in-one concept. The gem of Mobile World Congess, the phone within a tablet within a laptop promises to be one of the most intriguing device rollouts in a long while, but it remains to be seen if the concept catches on with the general …

ASUS teases the PadFone and it’s varying capabilities [Video]

Despite having been first announced a long, long time ago, and despite the fact that we still don’t know when it would release, the ASUS PadFone has managed to maintain a decent amount of buzz. After the recent news regarding it’s amazing battery life, ASUS has also chosen to post this video, demonstrating it’s various …

ASUS releases official Padfone demo video – are you getting one?

The ASUS Padfone is arguably the most innovative device of CES (it even got a price for it). Just how far will it get, though? ASUS has definitely managed to build a great reputation for itself, in the Android community. But if you aren’t already anticipating this release, ASUS is hoping to change that with …

ASUS Padfone gets unboxing video, docks on docks on docks

The ASUS Padfone has been highly anticipated since it was first announced well over a year ago. After a bit of retooling it re-debuted earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, much to the intrigue of all in attendance. With a smartphone that docks into a tablet that in turn mates with a keyboard dock, …

ASUS Padfone Could Be Delayed Due To Qualcomm S4 Shortage

That rumored S4 shortage might have some truth to it after all. According to a tweet from ASUS Indonesia, a shortage of Qualcomm’s latest 4th generation Snapdragon processors is spelling trouble for the iPad destroying ASUS Padfone launching on time. The tablet/smartphone transforming hybrid was originally slated to launch in Taiwan at the end of …