Turntable.FM Now Available for Android – Listen to Your Favorite Dub and Steps Anywhere and Everywhere


The internet is abuzz with the latest app to hit the Google Play Store today. Turntable.FM is now finally available for Android users and ripe for the downloading in the Play Store. The app brings a more social aspect to listening to “teh dubstepz” online. Virtual DJ’s can play their music for rooms of users where their skills can even be voted on.


The app has been available to iOS users for sometime now, and because of that, you may notice a few UI designs from that other phone. Hate to sound nit-picky, but it would be nice to see developers take a little more time than merely porting over visuals from the iPhone. Is it too much to ask for Android tabs and icons? Oh yeah — and unfortunately, Turntable.FM is looking like US-only (for now).

[Google Play Store]


Chris Chavez
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  1. As a poweruser I have been waiting on this day for ages. Turntable powers my workday.

  2. This is awesome! It would be nice to see more genre’s included in an app like this. I like the thumbs up thumb down for DJing. Does anyone remember playing Coke Music?

  3. FYI has rooms of every genre. I don’t quite get the dubstep reference.

  4. I host a red hot chili peppers one

  5. Why the focus on that idiotic noise called dubstep? Good to know they host DJ’s that know what music is.

  6. Hell yes, Daniel. I’ve been waiting a while for this one. Was envious that the fruits had it but now the world is right again.
    Great country room on there (no drama)!

  7. Is this app giving anyone else issues? It cuts off songs and drops me out a lot even when I have service or am on wifi???

  8. all the Derpstep sound the same….

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