Deals: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Only $150 at Amazon Wireless


If you were looking to score a deal on the upcoming HTC EVO 4G LTE from Sprint, Amazon Wireless might have exactly what you’re looking for. Right now, they have the phone available for pre-order and it can be had for $50 cheaper than you’ll find in Sprint stores (or online). The best part? Whether you’re adding a line or have an available upgrade — the EVO LTE can be had for only $150.

Normally these deals are exclusive to new customers and add-a-lines, so that’s why I wanted to bring it to your guys’ attention. Oh yeah, and Amazon Wireless waives activation fees and carriers a 14-day “Best Price Guarantee.” Arguably, the best phone on the market once it drops on May 18th, what are you waiting for?

HTC EVO 4G LTE at Amazon Wireless


Chris Chavez
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  1. Verizon needs to take a lesson in pricing from Sprint.

  2. If only I didn’t get the Verizon nexus…

  3. same as Wirefly, if anyone uses that anymore lol

  4. Its been $150 at tiger direct since pre order’s started

  5. I just want my confirmation delivery email from Sprint saying my device is on its way and you can now track your shipping. I got an email from Sprint this morning and was excited because I thought my phone was on its way but it was an email saying soon… :(

  6. As I posted in the forum, one can get $50 gift card from Best Buy that can be used towards purchase price if you pre order …

    $50 off phone and $50 gift card if you trade in original EVO 4G …

    And $50 gift card if you signed up for the Phone Freedom program.

    1. I wish that I knew this before I had already bought my phone on

    2. You get the $50 gift card after the purchase though, so it’s relatively useless. If you only buy your phones from Best Buy then what good is a $50 gift card that will likely expire by the time you decide to purchase a newer device?

      1. Printer supplies and such??

        1. I might be only thinking about myself, but I literally don’t buy anything from Best Buy. I haven’t made a purchase from there since I bought my Sprint Hero the first day it came out years ago. I suppose I am the minority, but I just refuse to pay Best Buy’s ridiculous prices for certain products.

          1. I agree completely. I thought about the Best Buy deal, but I don’t want to be forced into buying $50 worth of overpriced items…

  7. It only waives the activation fee for “new lines” or new customers… :(

  8. Canceled my order with sprint and then tried to order from Amazon but they said it was not available for my zip. I then tried wirefky but could not order because my order was still active and I could notport my numbers…. So ended up calling sprint and reordering it. Took me wall afternoon, wish I had been patient to begin

  9. If you take the time to read my post, you will see the $50 gift card is to be applied at purchase.

    Yes, normally its after. But the email and launch guide is very clear shot applying the gift card towards purchase of the phone.

  10. Clearly Sprint is not the “Now” network …but they sure are coming out with some pretty good phones…Verizon not so much…

  11. I think this is better than the GS3. HTC quality is one notch higher than Samsung’s.

  12. Amazon site says backordered, I assume that means they sold out of their pre-order stock?

  13. Be sure to read the fine print. If you take Amazon up on the cheaper phone offer, you must also replace your existing contract with the one from Amzaon. Since I am on an discounted plan with Sprint, this was not a good deal for me.

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