HTC EVO 4G LTE unboxing and hands-on [video]


We’ve finally gotten our hands on a review unit of the HTC EVO 4G LTE. I took the device back to my hotel eager to bring you guys a look at the device’s packaging, as well as what to expect when the device hits your doorstep as this is pretty much what you’ll get at retail. The device’s 1.5GHz S4 processor and 1GB of RAM make for a snappy software experience, and HTC Sense 4.0 also contributes to that smooth experience by optimizing in ways that previous renditions haven’t.

The 8 megapixel camera is one of the stars of the show thanks to the ImageSense technology inside. And after handling this device personally, I have no qualms with the design at all. Looking at it in a press render or even through a video doesn’t do it justice. Watch our unboxing and second hands-on video above. Stay on the lookout for more HTC EVO 4G LTE coverage, including a look at some sample photos and video and a full review coming up very shortly!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

ASUS Padfone gets unboxing video, docks on docks on docks

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  1. I want mine!

  2. Ordered mine from Wirefly… now the waiting commences…

  3. 2 things I have yet to see:
    1. How good is the speaker phone/speaker for music. With no dedicated speaker on the back, the one in the earpiece better be good.
    2. I want to see someone pop the bottom of the back off. I assume that little cover is there for technicians to access the battery, but it’s still leaving me wondering what it looks like.

      1. Thank you! I haven’t seen anyone point that out yet. It’s really small compared to the speaker on the EVO 4G, so hopefully it has some good tech behind it.

  4. I really hope the speakerphone is better on it… My Evo 3d one sucked worse than the one on my original Evo. I really hope the HD sound is noticeable as well.

  5. 1: Not a fan of the back, but if the to can be replaced I bet it wont take long to get a good on

    2: Does it not have a speaker on the back?

    3: Cant use kickstand while plunged in to power

    4: Never going to be a fan of the camera sticking out.

    But all in all the phone runs well, as long as you are happy with 3G lol

    1. 1. Cool story bro.
      2. Speaker is on the bottom piece on the back.
      3. The kickstand allows the phone to sit in three different positions, so yes you can charge your phone while using the kickstand.
      4. The lens is recessed, you won’t scratch it.

      1. Two positions. It cannot be used in portrait position.

        1. Incorrect, ample coverage at the April 4 announcement showed it in three positions, either landscape and portrait.

          1. Incorrect. The portrait position has been shown by many to not be sturdy. HTC stated that it should not be used in portrait. PS: I work at Sprint.

          2. If true, I stand corrected. Evidently, this blog supports that claim. The rest of the blogosphere went the other way that day.


          3. Since you work at Sprint, that makes me immediately not believe you.

          4. haha Classic

          5. Then believe HTC.

        2. Yes it can, look it up

          1. When it is put in portrait, it is almost laying down. It is not sturdy. HTC said it is not an intended use. I know a little about it. I work in a Sprint store.

          2. Oh please do not try and use the “I work at Sprint” to justify. Just makes it sound worse. You do not know anymore than the rest of us so don’t try and act like you do. Also, looks pretty sturdy here, http://youtu.be/RI5_3Ch5RZI

          3. I am not the typical clueless sales rep. Believe what you want to believe. Contact HTC for proof. It was pointed out in many articles. Someone even posted a link in this thread with the statement from HTC.

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  6. lol i display my boxes ,g1,mt3gs,droid2,droidx,mt4g,sensation,g2x

    1. evo3d

  7. I confirmed with Sprint that there will NOT be a micro sd shipping with the EVO units for anyone that pre-ordered one like me. I saw a couple of unboxing vids that questioned this so i decided to confirm. Cant wait. I hope it gets to me before the 18th.
    Kickstand looks bada$$

    1. Meh, I’m moving my 16GB card from my old phone anyway

  8. This article isn’t showing up in the PHANDROID APP,only the comments.

  9. Same, Kolio. Not the first time :/

  10. Funny engadget already did a review after a day with the phone, I didn’t see any mention of call quality in their review (not the first time) either. I am hopeful the speaker quality is back to at least the standard of the original evo if not better, the 3D seemed to have poor sound quality compared to the original evo as well as it wasn’t as good at picking up signals.

  11. Update your phandroid app!

  12. Just ordered mine. They said preorders will come a day early

    1. I check daily just received an email saying they are prepping to ship. DId you get a ship date?

      1. When i preordered it the customer service woman said that it will be here on the 17th. Not sure if she was right but she repeated herself like 3 times so i am willing to believe it

  13. Yep, I’m sold. Ordered mine, and switching to Sprint!

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