Message notification bug affecting small number of HTC One X users


A very small number of HTC One X owners are experiencing a bug that causes incoming messages to arrive without an accompanying notification. The bug, which occurs intermittently, has been acknowledged by HTC and a fix is apparently in the works. Those experiencing the issue see no notification in their status bar nor a badge on the Messaging shortcut on the homescreen indicating a new message has been received. Instead users have to open the Messaging app to check for new messages.

The problem appears to be affecting all versions of the One X, including AT&T’s recent release. The timeline on a fix is not known, but HTC is promising to deliver one “as soon as possible.”

[via The Verge]

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  1. Mine does that quite often on at&t

  2. Mine does that sometime.

  3. That explains it! It is rare though.

  4. I can’t wait till the fix the bluetooth audio streaming issue, too.

  5. HTC used to be pretty slow with updates, saving fixes for later to limit the amount of OTA updates.
    With the One X it seems they have changed the strategy completely, pushing updates and fixes as soon as possible, even if it means a lot of OTA, which is fantastic news for us users.
    I think it’s four OTA updates so far, for a device that has not been out for much more than i month?
    Every phone has a few problems in the start. Fixing them fast is what makes the difference.
    I really hope the continue in this manner and that others take notice.

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