May 8th, 2012

Looks like T-Mobile could be using that $4 billion they acquired from AT&T to do more than just roll out a super high-speed LTE network. As it turns out, ‘ol Magenta will also be freeing up a vital part of their spectrum that could finally allow for AT&T customers — no longer on contract — to make the easy transition over to T-Mobile with their current AT&T device.

T-Mobile’s CTO Neville Ray spoke during a dinner event for CTIA saying the company plans to convert a good enough portion of its 1900MHz (2G) spectrum to 4G (although, technically 3G HSPA+), followed by an aggressive campaign to woo AT&T customers who have fulfilled their contract obligations. Normally, because of the way T-Mobile’s network is built, AT&T devices can only take advantage of their 2G “Edge” network. Once we hit the later part of this year, it looks like all of that could change. When asked if the upgraded 2G network had more to do with the absent iPhone on their network, Ray played coy.

This means, if you’ve been eyeballing that AT&T HTC One X — or just about any overseas device — come later this year, they’re all fair game. That is, if you’re willing to pay full retail for the device.

It was also announced that T-Mobile would be going with Ericsson and Nokia Simens Networks’ “Release 10” hardware to help roll out their LTE network later this year and into 2013. When it comes to this year, T-Mobile will continue pushing out their blazing fast HSPA+ 42 network to new markets, which starting today include Little Rock AR, Lake Charles LA and Springfield, MO.

[AllThingsD | Engadget]

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