Samsung Galaxy S III up for pre-order at Amazon UK


Amazon UK has the Samsung Galaxy S III up for pre-order less than a week after the highly-anticipated smartphone was unveiled. Priced at £499.95 , the 16GB version of the flagship handset is being offered in its Pebble Blue and Marble White variants for a release on May 30th. Samsung held out on announcing the device until close to its retail availability; it looks that will pay off with a shorter wait for consumers. The phone should be available in most major markets by the end of the summer.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Wow that’s cheap.

  2. Thats $800 that ain’t cheap

    1. yup..

    2. The Dollar is no where near as valuable as it used to be.

    3. It’s nearly the same, if not a touch less than the Note when it came out.

  3. 499.95 British pounds sterling = 807.4193 US dollars
    For the 16GB model….

    (thank you Google)

  4. Don’t know if you guys noticed but its SIM free so that means out of contract. $807 U.S dollars for a non contract phone sounds normal to me. with a contract will probably cost $299

  5. I hope to see a u.s release sometime in June. Other wise I’ll be very upset.

  6. as with every new smartphone that comes out, I simply wait 4-6 weeks after it’s release, and save a bundle since Amazon, Wirefly and others will put them on sale because by that time something new will be out and they’ll want to clear their inventory for THAT item.

  7. That sim-free price of £499.95 includes 20% VAT (UK sales tax).
    The price without VAT would be £416.63.
    A quick trip to xe.com converts that to $673.03.

  8. Why did Samsung decide to make this phone so ugly?

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