May 8th, 2012

It was only last week that Judge Lucy Koh told Apple and Samsung they both had to reduce the number of patent claims if they hoped to keep the proposed July 30th date for the start of their first US trial. Now, both Apple and Samsung have appeared to budge, filing motions that cut the number of claims nearly in half, with Apple dropping all of their asserted trademark claims. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean the companies can’t reassert the dismissed claims at a later trial.

It was originally thought Apple would be in it for the long haul, but with Sammy’s devices continuing to gain market share — and not looking to stop anytime soon with the Samsung Galaxy S3 — Apple could be trying to speed things up with a quick resolution of the case. There is still a court recommended mediation scheduled for this month.

Apple still maintains that Samsung is nothing more than a “copycat,” using Apple as the “developer of the world” to come up with new ideas. Apple’s Tim Cook says, “we just want people to invent their own stuff.” Samsung maintains that Apple is simply trying to “compete through litigation.” July 30th is the day that things get real interesting. <popcorn.gif>

[FOSS Patents]

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