Samsung and Apple Drop Nearly Half of Patent Claims To Keep July 30th Trial Date


It was only last week that Judge Lucy Koh told Apple and Samsung they both had to reduce the number of patent claims if they hoped to keep the proposed July 30th date for the start of their first US trial. Now, both Apple and Samsung have appeared to budge, filing motions that cut the number of claims nearly in half, with Apple dropping all of their asserted trademark claims. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean the companies can’t reassert the dismissed claims at a later trial.

It was originally thought Apple would be in it for the long haul, but with Sammy’s devices continuing to gain market share — and not looking to stop anytime soon with the Samsung Galaxy S3 — Apple could be trying to speed things up with a quick resolution of the case. There is still a court recommended mediation scheduled for this month.

Apple still maintains that Samsung is nothing more than a “copycat,” using Apple as the “developer of the world” to come up with new ideas. Apple’s Tim Cook says, “we just want people to invent their own stuff.” Samsung maintains that Apple is simply trying to “compete through litigation.” July 30th is the day that things get real interesting. <popcorn.gif>

[FOSS Patents]

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  1. I hope they both get a fine for not innovating and spending money on useless litigation!

    F Both of them!!!

    Bunch of arrogant self-absorbed money-wasting non-innovating companies!

    Makes me feel weird having said that and owning a Galaxy Nexus…but 1 good device does not redeem a company (especially not when its a nexus device)

    1. Wow you really are just hating on both Apple innovated now they arent as much but at one point they were

  2. Popcorn gif fail :) , but I still love you guys

    1. Was intentional :P

  3. About damn time! Now both can get back to doing what they do best, making great phones ;)

  4. Tim Cook – “We just want people to invent their own stuff” That’s horribly ironic coming from Apple…

    1. Well, think about it. If other companies aren’t inventing stuff, where is Apple supposed to steal ideas from?

  5. Honestly, looking at those two phones side by side Samsung deserves every bit of courtroom beat downs that Apple can get in.

    And you couldn’t meet a more staunchly anti-Apple person.

    1. Looking at the Samsung phone that wasphoto-manipulated and pictured in it’s app drawer to look more like an iphone? Honestly, they ripped their icons. That’s where the similarities end.

  6. Good. Apple needs to be compensated. They will give Samesung the smack down they deserve!

  7. Funny thing, both of those phones pictured are two years old and neither are being made anymore.

    1. Actually, I think that iPhone is three years old.

  8. Apple how come you realized iPhone needed a notification pull down in the update right after Android started becoming popular, yeah like thats not copying

  9. After Tim took over I thought he was a Steve Jobs clone. After reading more about him, he’s not. Steve killed donation matching while Tim brought it back. He’s also about more innovating than lawyers, many of the current suits were started by Steve. Hopefully in a few years Apple will get back to their roots and focus more on products than court cases. Tim still have every opportunity to be a hero, let’s hope he takes that path.

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