The HTC One V lives! Hands-on part two from CTIA 2012 [video]


If you remember back at Mobile World Congress, HTC had the One V out for all to see… except it was just a prototype. We were allowed to play with the device but there wasn’t much to do but look. We decided to see if the device made any progress, and lo and behold: the video you see above proves that it has a heart.

Despite being a One phone, the One V doesn’t house an S4 processor. It instead houses Qualcomm’s S3 processor, a dual-core offering that is still enough to run Sense 4.0 and Android 4.0 without too much of an issue. At the time of this writing, the device’s software either wasn’t near completion or HTC had to gimp the device to make work smoothly.

Namely, their 3D recent apps feature seen on the One S, One X, EVO 4G LTE, and DROID Incredible 4G is not present here: you get the stock Android 4.0 look and feel for that. Another feature that is gone is contuinous shooting, and it won’t be coming back. ‘

Since the phone doesn’t have the ImageSense chip inside it can’t shoot up to 20 simultaneous photos. You can still hold the camera button down and take a series of photos, but it won’t be nearly as fast as on the aforementioned devices. You can also still take a photo while video is being recorded.

A few other subtle changes were made to the eye-candy to make it easier on the S3 processor. It makes us wonder why newer offerings such as the Rezound won’t get Sense 4.0. It was first blamed on the processor, then HTC quickly transitioned into saying it was because it was a one phone.

But the Rezound is as powerful, if not more, than the One V. Ultimately it just seems like a business move to get people to upgrade, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It works for Apple and they get no backlash so why not? I digress, though. Check out the quick retake above.

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  1. Well thats wrong. One V has Imagesense chip


  2. So when the phone was first announced and according to HTC’s website, it was listed as having a 1GHz single core processor and it seemed like that’s what still made it entry level. Now it’s supposed to have the dual core S3? That would be great, if true.

  3. HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire S, HTC Incredible S, HTC Inspire 4G,, HTC Radar and the
    HTC One V all use 8255 chip if you can believe wikipedia so hopefully my DHD will be seeing ICS soon

  4. So HTC vivid will never have sense 4.0?

  5. Slow down. Point the camera at the device. Cut your nails.

  6. “you get the stock Android 4.0 look and feel for that”

    …and that’s a bad thing?

  7. I don’t know which phone they are referring to. One V has single core processor and ImageSense chip. Phandroid, please wake up.

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