Samsung Galaxy S III passes through the Bluetooth SIG


Samsung’s latest flagship device, the Galaxy S III, has just passed through the Bluetooth SIG. The trip is a necessary step towards the eventual release of the device, which has been touted as “in time for summer” in more than one place. If “in time for summer” translates to later this month or early next, the timing is about right. We should note that we’re looking at the international version of the phone here and that the listing doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know. We should see a few more regulatory approvals before launch, all a part of the phone release cycle those of us mobile geeks obsess over.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Bluetooth. Blue. Tooth. Two things that both exist naturally in nature. :P

  2. This phone is beautiful, :) I showed it to My GF, my brother, HIS GF, and a friend.. side by side with the one x… and i asked them..

    IF you were to buy a phone based on looks themselves… which one would it be..

    GF1 – (SGS3) It’s cuter
    GF2 (SGS3) I like that one better
    Brother – (SGS3) Galaxy S looks beautiful
    Friend – (SGS3) The one on the right looks more sleek and futuristic.

    1. It’s always opinion based, I’ve come to expect that. Still though, HTC’s phones always get CM team support, and that’s something pretty attractive in my eyes.

    2. It is always an opinion based thing and how you asked the question.

      I did the same thing with my roommates (2 guys), my girlfriend, and 2 of her roommates. Each answered independently of the others (aka they did not know any of the other responses). Only one person answered the SGS3.

    3. well if they say so its got to be true.

  3. I think this may be my phone if I don’t hear about a new Galaxy Note ;)

  4. If the Galaxy Note doesn’t getting released for Sprint within the next few months and the Galaxy S III gets released between today and the end of June, then I’m definitely getting this beautiful device.

  5. I have a $100 credit with Verizon that expires next month, it better come out by then! Otherwise I won’t know what to do!

  6. What types of changes could happen to the SGS3 before Americans get it? Not changes to software and hardware specs i hope? I really like the phone just as it is to be honest.

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