Reminder: Sprint EVO 4G LTE presale begins today


People looking forward to the HTC EVO 4G LTE should listen up: presales for the device begin today. Sprint’s version of the HTC One X, the EVO 4G LTE will obviously set itself apart (at least, for the time being) with LTE radios inside.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 will be delivering the power, and an 8 megapixel with no shutter lag should appease to the photographers at heart. The device will be just $200 when  it launches, though we’re still not sure when, exactly, that is. You have about 30 minutes from the time of this posting until the floodgates open. Be prepared! [Sprint.com via AP]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I was going to get this phone but after the many ICS Rom releases for the Evo 3d this past weekend, I have no need to renew a contract. The 3d is alive again!!!

    1. It never died! (but I’m still getting the EVOLTE in July)

      1. Preordered and ready to get this beast in my grubby hands!!!! Come on 5/18……

    2. heh. maybe you’ll be able to replace it next year if they release the EVO 3D LTE

  2. Sign me up!

  3. I’ll wait and get mine for less $$ at Best Buy or Radio Shack… or even Amazon… thanks tho! (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve got an Epic Touch to keep me happy until then… GREAT phone!)

  4. sprint out their presale for HTC One X out already. Verizon still testing?

  5. Just pre-ordered mine and talked to best buy to see if they were going to open pre-order before I placed it and they said they have no information on pre-order but they said the release date in their system is May 18th!

  6. Just pre ordered 2 of them, one for me and my wife, will be selling our Epic Touch on Craiglslist for around $250-300 and probably make a profit on this phone : )

  7. I have to wait until wednesday to order mine. I just hope they dont sell out like the nexus did. but the nexus took 4 days so there is still hope

  8. Mehhhh, I think I’m going to hold out on this one ;)

  9. I just ordered it and the lady on the phone said i should be receiving it within 2-5 business days! I hope she’s right (after all the sprint website does say that if you pre-order it, they will try their best to get it to you before anyone else gets a glimpse!) Yay

  10. i want this, but gonna hold out and see what the gsIII on sprint looks like.

    1. I’m holding out too. If GS3 has Qualcomm chipset I may go for it as Qualcomm chip has better battery life and holds better CDMA signal. Will otherwise go for Evo.

      I don’t understand this performance race. My SG2 (Epic Touch) is already as fast as I need. What I want is better battery life and solid radios.

      1. EVO 4G LTE has a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4

        1. Yes I know… if GS3 has Qualcomm has S4, would prefer that, otherwise Evo LTE for the S4.

          1. LOL, you do know they are the SAME right? So one won’t have better battery life than the other. No radios?? Well we all know thats not a strong suit for samsung.

          2. Yes knew that. I guess I wasn’t clear enough. The LTE Evo has Qualcomm S4. The global version of GS3 does not, it has a quad core Tegra 3 with separate LTE radio. but there are rumors the US version may have S4. My original point is that if SG3 has S4, I’d go for it, otherwise would go for LTE EVO. The S4 supposedly has better battery life and better radios.

  11. Its gonna be a tough call between this and the GS3. The GS3 may win with the removable battery but it also depends on when the GS3 comes to the US. I’m not waiting months for it.

  12. i heard this will have a locked bootloader being even more difficult then the evo 3d, im hesitant now

    1. Not really good to listen to bogus rumors. Noone has any idea what this phone has since noone has touched it yet.

      1. Well so far the only US variant of the phone is locked. Thats a good indicator. I’m guessing your the resident fanboy? I would much rather have this phone over the GSIII but if this phone is locked like Moto phone GSIII or something else is where I will jump to. Its unfortunate because I have a nexus S4g but I most certainly prefer the builds of the HTC Phones

        1. by the only US variant, you mean the ATT variant? the company who is KNOWN for loving to lock customers out of phones? the company who doesn’t like their customers to be even able to install apps via SD card?

          i think you should leave the comparison between LTEVO and ATT ONE X alone, there is no comparison in the way the companies handle their products. the international version is supported just fine and i’m confident sprints version will too, ATT has ALWAYS been the black sheep in this field.

  13. Im going to hold out and see about root access. The ATT version locked so the sprint version could be too. If the devs come out with a method that doesn’t involve the htc unlock site then Ill buy one that day. But as it is right now if you unlock your device via the htc site, if something happens with the phone that like the screen craps out or something then HTC will deny warranty coverage… Even though the screen crapping out has nothing to do with the unlocked boot loader

  14. I pre-ordered however it says it is on backorder even though at first it said 2-5 business days. :/

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