HTC One X source code now available (unless you’re with AT&T)


Developers can now be a bit more flexible when they create beautiful Sense 4.0-based ROMs for the HTC One X as the device’s source code has been made available for download. Over 2 dozen carriers/regions are supported for this code drop, but AT&T – the lone US carrier offering the device right now – is nowhere to be seen. We don’t like jumping to conclusions, but considering AT&T won’t allow you to unlock your bootloader on this phone it’s probably not a good idea to get excited for source code. If you develop for any of the religions listed at the source link: have it it! [via HTCDev]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I think there might be a typo on the 2nd to last line of the article where it says religions. I think it should say regions.

  2. The fact that this phone is available for sale means that if HTC/ATT does not release (at the very least) the kernel source then they are in violation of the GPL.

    Man it would be great to see Linus Torvalds sue someone for violating their license terms by not releasing source.

  3. I’m still convinced AT&T is the antichrist and Verizon is his mildly retarded half brother!

  4. Has XDA ever let you down before?

  5. Religions? LOL I normally don’t bring up typos, but that’s hilarious.

  6. Lol@AT&T. They always seem to have an issue. I had them for six months. By the end I wanted to hang myself.

  7. Xda has let me down before, but it involved a chicken, two midgets, a jar apple sauce, and a trombone. I’d rather not explain

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