Best Buy’s off-contract price for the EVO 4G LTE? You’d have to be in the top 1 percentile to justify it [Humor]


Yikes. I mean, the phone looks great and all, but jeez. There are a lot more things I can think of to spend $100,000 on, like creating the world’s biggest Ice Cream cone or taking a lifetime of yoga classes. This, however, is just ludicrous. [Best Buy, thanks Felecity!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

May 18th looking likely for EVO 4G LTE arrival

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  1. It’s a place holder. That was also the displayed cost for every Windows 7 PC before the Windows 7 release date.

    1. You know everyone is joking, right?

      1. don’t get captain chaos involved

        1. It’s Professor Chaos =p.

      2. Yeah I got that. I was just saying this is a pretty regular thing at Best Buy.

  2. This is the diamond ceramic edition.

  3. I’ll take two! Jeeves, fuel the helicopter!

    1. I’ll take 6.

      Benson, warm up the hovercraft!

  4. So, if you bought into the buy back program would they go off that price? …..that would be nice.

  5. ahaha and the reg price is 100k now

  6. I’m in.

  7. thats cheap

  8. Chump change

  9. This will be the only time in history that signing a contract pays off.

  10. 100K …oh I have that stowed away in a sock somewhere. No problem.

    1. I counted that out in my intervicw on the Hood 2 Hood DVD. I keep at least a huned K in a Nike shoe box in a trap door in my attic.

  11. Someone at Amazon is smoking some good sh#*t

  12. So you buy it for $199 with the 2-year contract, and immediately cancel, and pay the $350 fee/fine.

  13. actual BB price is $699, that is what MY reciept showed


  14. I will take at least three to go with the gold plated cases I bought lol.

  15. System makes it that price to prevent it from being sold early.

  16. this is the version that prints money right?

  17. Is that it? Whew! I was expecting it to cost more then that. Evo4gLTE the status quo. Iphone panzies dont stand a chance. Im headed to Taiwan to pick mine up today. Anybody wanna fly with me to split the jet fuel cost?

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