May 5th, 2012

When HTC announced last summer of their decision to provide unlocked boot loaders for all their future devices, the Android developer community rightly gave the Taiwanese company a huge round of applause. After years of getting flak for their practices, the company had finally made a move in the right direction.

Which only makes the reports regarding the AT&T variant of the One X, which will come with a locked bootloader, even more annoying. Having seen the positive response that followed their earlier decision, HTC have taken a step back, making an official statement that cites “restrictions” (no prizes for guessing from whom) as the reason.

HTC has unlocked the bootloaders on most of their Verizon offerings, usually a little while after launch, so I’m hopeful that it’s the same case with AT&T’s One X. However, there’s a lot more riding on this from a developer perspective: if HTC fails to keep their promise, a significant degree of trust would be lost.

[MoDaCo via Android Central]

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