Keep your promises, HTC, and unlock the AT&T One X’s bootloader


When HTC announced last summer of their decision to provide unlocked boot loaders for all their future devices, the Android developer community rightly gave the Taiwanese company a huge round of applause. After years of getting flak for their practices, the company had finally made a move in the right direction.

Which only makes the reports regarding the AT&T variant of the One X, which will come with a locked bootloader, even more annoying. Having seen the positive response that followed their earlier decision, HTC have taken a step back, making an official statement that cites “restrictions” (no prizes for guessing from whom) as the reason.

HTC has unlocked the bootloaders on most of their Verizon offerings, usually a little while after launch, so I’m hopeful that it’s the same case with AT&T’s One X. However, there’s a lot more riding on this from a developer perspective: if HTC fails to keep their promise, a significant degree of trust would be lost.

[MoDaCo via Android Central]

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  1. As much as I agree that the bootloader should be unlocked how is this HTC’s fault in any way? This is AT&T’s fault. Who, more likely than not, would not agree to sell a device that could be unlocked. HTC had to choose between angering a small, but dedicated, group of consumers or selling their device on the second largest mobile provider in America. From a business perspective, their decision is the only one that makes sense.

    1. tell that to samsung ;)

    2. Agreed. This myopic view of things makes no sense. Plenty of blame to go around, though the bulk falls on AT&T.

    3. Do agree it’s AT&T’s fault primarily, but having managed to convince Verizon into permitting unlocked bootloaders, HTC had something to argue with AT&T about it. Yes AT&T wields a lot of power, but with a terrific device that users want, HTC isn’t a beggar either.

    4. Yeah look at Moto. They focus on one carrier and it sure isn’t helping them any.

  2. Yeah, saw the carrier restriction coming but I’m sure they’ll play nice with AT&T for as long as they feel they have to then pop something up on their site to allow for the unlock. US Carriers aren’t about to change their way.

  3. F HTC now. You didn’t learn last year from not giving customers what they want huh

    1. I think AT&T has a bigger part in this mess than HTC, but that’s my opinion (based on the past)..

  4. Only a matter of time until all carrier’s request all bootloaders be locked down

  5. It’s simple, vote with your wallet and let them know that when you leave for another carrier. Only in America do consumers settle for so much garbage, take back the market and let your voices be heard.

  6. It’s a no brainer that At&t requested this. Otherwise, if they announce this for the EVO LTE it’s a problem. I’ll have to go with the SIII.

  7. Vote with your wallet, return your device in your 30 day no questions asked return window and clearly site the locked bootloader as the reason. This will sucker punch AT&T and HTC in their wallets as they can not resell these devices as new.

    1. If you want a high end LTE Android device though it is either this or the SGS3….and I’m not a big fan of the SGS3…

      Hopefully HTC pulls through and does so quickly.

      1. See there in lies the problem.. As long as people keep buying the locked ones, they will continue to do it and shaft the users. It’s not till it hurts then financially will they change.

  8. The ATT HTC Vivid had a locked bootloader when released, and HTC said basically the same thing about restrictions that they could do nothing about.

    They enabled unlocking after a month or two as the result of a lot of complaints being lodged with HTC. Just let HTC know you won’t buy the phone if it can’t be unlocked.

  9. I am completely astonished (and happy) that Verizon has allowed HTC to offer unlocking on all their phones but ATT seems to be holding back somewhat.

  10. I and several others have emailed HTC, they said that they may possibly unlock the bootloader soon. I am guessing less than two months starting the 6th.

  11. This really isn’t on HTC as much as it’s on AT&T considering that HTC is only (AFAIK) locking the AT&T variant of this phone. The carrier is to blame here and AT&T is the most tight assed carrier around, even worse than Verizon on a lot of different things

  12. This is an AT&T issue – Buy an HTC One from another network if you don’t like it – the minute you signed a contract with AT&T, you agreed to this practice so stop moaning at HTC about it.

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