Facebook goes back to BlackBerry stalking days with its new Messenger update v1.7


Remember when we all had Blackberries and people could see if we had read their messages on Blackberry Messenger? Well, it seems Facebook is liking the idea, and has decided to incorporate it to their Messenger app with the latest update.

Other users are able to see if you have already read their messages. Also, there is an optional message that lets you know where users are when they send a message (location).

We can see many of you freaking out over this new update (version 1.7). Not only will users be able to reach you no matter what, but they will actually know if you have read the message or not. Something that is bound to start a good deal of arguments, for sure.

So, if you want the stalking to start, go ahead and download the update from the Google Play Store.

[Via: Engadget]

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  1. Solution to this problem would be to deactivate your Facebook. Its nothing but spam n useless junk on it now. A place for creeps to creep..

  2. It’s only a problem if you actually have friends! Hahahahaha!

    1. It’s only a problem if you’re paranoid about your friends, or have paranoid friends. If not to either of those, I highly doubt it’ll be a problem to anyone. Just my $.02

  3. Nothing creepy here. Delivery confirmation and read report is a must on mobile messenger – unstable internet connection causes a lot of messages to be delivered later or not delivered at all. That’s why talk on Android is useless – you never know if recipient got your message.
    It’s also a usual situation that you get a message, read it but don’t respond as you’re on the go. But the sender know that you got the message, and that’s the good thing.

  4. I mostly only use fb to communicate with people in my homestate of Connecticut. But I’m saving up to move home.

    1. Ah, I see.. So where are you living now? Also, how much have you saved up? Got any kids? Tell us about them..

      1. harsh but made me lol anyway

  5. I live in Las Vegas, I currently have $2,600 saved up, and no, no kids. The females in Las Vegas I’ve been with I wouldn’t be proud to have any of them as the mother of my child! Girls are one of the 3 main reasons I want to go home to Connecticut! Family, Girls, and Culture. Those are the 3 main reasons.

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