Titanium Backup adds Google Drive support [root users]


Google Drive is fresh off the oven. That did not stop developers from getting it baked into their apps, though (even without an official API available. Titanium Backup has just updated their popular application with Google Drive support, and now you can send your backup straight to Google’s servers (PRO users).

The developer was able to do this by using the Google Docs API, as Google Drive is pretty much an improved Google Docs. It just has sync and more functionality.

It will be great to see more services work along with Google Drive. The cloud storage service will definitely play a big part in Android users’ life, as do most Google services. Everything will probably become much more accessible once the official API is used.

Do remember that this specific application requires root access, so it is not for everyone. It is mostly used by people who tend to format reset their devices often (like ROM flashers). It saves all your app, data and settings in order to provide for a much smoother and faster experience.

The app is also compatible with and Dropbox, for those that prefer one of the other popular cloud storage services. Just head over to the Google Play Store and get your update to get started! And just out of curiosity, how many of you save their backups in the cloud?

[Via: Android Police]

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  1. Poo for us with 0.6mb upload speeds

  2. I should do that. Save my backups in the cloud. Hey dropbox? Or maybe Google Drive since I have more than 60% since Dropbox is deciding to upload all my videos and pictures. LoL!!

  3. I’m a bit disappointed that the Google Drive support only available for the pro version. Scratch that, im very disappointed, especially since every other major app developer offers it for free.

  4. I use Ti Backup Pro for over a half year with dropbox. It is great to have a weekly backup of all my apps & data without the hassle of connecting my phone. I hope to see more apps which use the advantage of cloud storage.

  5. I use Titanium Backup primarily as a fast disaster recovery tool. I’m very careful with my phone, but accidents do happen. That being said, I generally only sync my backups to a cloud service once a week. (how much do your apps really change over one week?) I used to use Dropbox, but for some reason my DB uploads have begun to always fail (I have plenty of free space) Now I have switched to Drive, and it works like a charm.

  6. The file manager X-plore also integrates Drive and Dropbox, you can browse them like they were just another attached storage unit. Very handy.

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