T-Mobile: Android 4.0 testing for HTC Sensation complete; should be rolling out “very soon”


While some versions of the HTC Sensation have been receiving Ice Cream Sandwich worldwide, T-Mobile users are still waiting. They won’t have to wait long, however, as T-Mobile’s announced that testing for the update is complete and that it should be rolling out to users “very soon.”

While the wait has been long, an update in the coming weeks would still be impressive as a vast majority of devices still haven’t received the official upgrade. There aren’t many details yet, but based on other HTC Android 4.0 rollouts users will have to settle for Sense 3.6 instead of 4.0.

It’s a bummer, but those are the breaks. And that’s all the more reason to upgrade to an S4-enabled device, I suppose. Anyway, keep an eye out for that update every day. [via T-Mobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. im ready for it now!

  2. I disagree with the sense comment.   HTC admitted themselves their sense got more and more bloated.   If they claim 4.0 was their slimmed down version, they should have taken the time to put those into the ports with ICS and it would have worked with any phone getting the ICS upgrade.   There really is no excuse.

    This is another example of where customers really need to figure out if they want to stick with developers and carriers who do the bare minimum to support their hardware.

    1. Agree, though I wouldn’t put strong faith in ANY service provider to get me updated in a timely fashion.  Spotty support from modders (Cyanogen in particular) has made getting ICS from other sources a difficult proposition, too.  There are a few near-release quality options out there (like Virtuous ROM) for would-be modders that make things a little better.  The Sensation’s a great phone but it had the bad luck to come out just before a huge shift in OS development, HTC’s industry troubles and strong competition from other manufacturers and kind of got left behind.

  3. Got the Samsung Galaxy from Google last week. No need to wait for my carrier to update. 

    1. So how are you planning on getting a new one in case you drop it in the toilet or if someone steals it?????…    Thats right phone insurance plans dont cover that phone!!

  4. Us rooted users have had ICS for a while the phone is so much faster and responsive.

  5. No sh!t rooted users have been able to use ICS for awhile now. But where in the article does it talk about being rooted? I am so sick of the “oh, I’ve been using ICS for 3 months now” comments. So pin a freakin’ rose on your nose. I don’t care to root and I sure don’t care that you did it long before the official update has been released.

    Ok… I feel better now. Thanks…

    1. To support your argument – I’ve had this for months on my Inc2, and it’s sucked, many little bugs, LED flash doesn’t work, video rec doesn’t work right, it doesn’t scroll smoothly, multitouch is buggy, autobrightness is buggy, etc.

      Long story short, I just wish HTC would provide a kernel and driver to CM, they would do a MUCH better job with them than this Sense-rdiden junk coming out.

  6. very soon should mean like tonight not next month 

  7. Finaly glad to see this coming now my main question how soon is soon?

  8. I just hope after the rollout my phone still performs as well as it does now no fc no issues

  9. Insurance covers rooted phones, warranties don’t. I’m referencing renters insurance as I’ve never seen the benefit in phone specific insurance

  10. Hmmmm, actually my phone insurance does cover dropping it in the toilet (don’t ask).

  11. I have a dinc2 running a sense4 ROM with ICS and its unbelievably good. Smooth, stable. Sure there are a few bugs here and there like camera and what not. But its the best ROM for the dinc2 and I’m using daily. You just gotta find the right one:)

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