Jawbone Introduces New BIG Jambox – Wireless Speakerphone With Bigger Sound, Bigger Box, And Bigger Price Tag


If you liked Jawbone’s original Jambox but possibly wished it packed a little more punch, you may want to take a look at their newest addition — the aptly titled Big Jambox. Tipping the scales at 2.7lbs, this new super sized follow up to last year’s Jambox features the same premium build quality and sound from the original, only in a newer, bigger box. Just like its little brother, there is also a built in microphone for use as a true Bluetooth speakerphone and features Jambox’s custom software for enhancing audio quality as well as changing up voice profiles.

Reviews for the Big Jambox have just been unleashed onto the web and generally, it seems it wireless speaker is being met with favorable reviews. The one downside I’ve seen with the Big Jambox is that it once again falls into the same pitfalls as the original, namely its high $300 price tag. If that isn’t enough to scare you away, the Big Jambox is available now for pre-order via the official Jambox site and will launch online, and at AT&T and Best Buy on May 15th.

[Jambox | Pre-order Big Jambox for $300]

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  1. Now THAT is a box I’d like to Jam!

  2. I wanted to pick the original up but it didn’t have the best reviews on Amazon, people there were always recommending the monster iclarity. I’ve decided to hold off until I can get a decent sized Bluetooth speaker with looks like a jambox on the cheap

    1. I’m waiting for one of the proper size that uses 16 D batteries, so that I can carry it around on my shoulder… while roller skating.

  3. Umm what happened to the pic of the girl…

  4. I came for the girl, like if you did too. :(

  5. Jambox sucks.  volume is too low and sound quality is poor.  do yourself a favor and check out the Bose SoundLink before you buy anything!!!

    1. My Jambox Jawbone produces an amazing sound from such a small box. Connectivity is great, and it has survived drops with no damage.

      Bose has a terrible history of crushing negative reviews and is off the radar for  many of us as a result of its anti-consumer tirades.

      I hope the new Jambox lives up to the original. The big jambox should be useful for more than just using in a conference room or small classroom. I think the form factor is doubtful, though. Once it no longer fits in your hand, it needs a handle. A boombox style bluetooth amp seems better, but I’m all ears ;-)

  6. not the box i was expecting

  7. There are better cheaper speakers out there. I have superblue and it has great sound. Bose is way to costly.

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