GameStop to begin trade-in program for Android tablets and smartphones?


According to Gadget Experts, you could soon be able to trade-in your old Android devices at your nearest GameStop. Not much is known about the program, which currently seems to include only the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Nexus S and Infuse 4G, but the site says it should start some time this summer, rolling out to all locations countrywide by the end of the year. More devices would be added to the inventory, too.

[Gadget Experts via Engadget]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. You can trade in for getting deals on devices in the shops.

    Like trade in a Galaxy Tab 10 and get 100USD off a new PS3 etc.

    1. This may be a good option if that is what you want. But for most of the time you’re better off selling on Ebay. If you get good at it and can do it safely you can get even more money on craigslist. It’s all about research and knowing your options.

  2. I figured sooner or later they would start doing this along with apple products.

  3. It’s so much better, if slightly less convenient, to sell your device on ebay rather than trade it in someplace…you will get much more than $100 for your next purchase.

  4. Or you could just sell it on craigslist for more than double what they will give you in store credit….

  5. trade in your 500$ tablet for in store credit of $50!! 

  6. Droid Incredible 4G for $15 in-store credit on the day of release.
    $2 cash.

  7. Trade in programs are a joke. $25 for a phone that sells for over $175 on Ebay? Give me a break. I’ll stick to Ebay or craigslist. Only problem is these programs will always make money because people don’t feel like spending 5 minutes posting something on Ebay and too lazy to go to post office or drop something off in the mailbox. Oh well. To each their own I guess.

  8. They’ll give you such a crap offer, easily get double or triple through craigslist or ebay

  9. Yeah this has been in the system for a while for us. Like the article said, limited roll out and all stores later this year. I think my store is in a test district but it isn’t a test store. And yes, trade in value will always suck no matter what. Gamestop gives around 20%-30% of what they plan to sell it for. On the one hand that profit makes my paycheck, on the other hand you are an idiot if you sell your brand new idevice for <$75.

  10. How much can I get for a HTC MY TOUCH 3G?

  11. This system would only be of advantage to crack-heads with stolen equipment… 
    1. Steal
    2. Wipe
    3. ???
    4. (small) PROFIT !!

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