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Twitter receives a small update for people around the world

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  1. I updated the Acer app and it prompted me to install ICS. Thx I have been waiting on this for a while!

  2. What’s going on with the Acer a100 update now when I press the update button I’m getting network wifi to low please move to another location to be able to connect to a better signal I have 3 bars and showing connection is good . My friend in NY is having the same issues what’s goin on acer?

    1.  I got that too right after my A500 updated 4 apps.  My bet is the Acer update server is swamped.  Acer also installed the app he’s talking about back in March and there is no update to it.

  3. My acer a500 has been running on ics since Thursday thanks for the update acer… Now get to work on the jelly bean update for my a500… Always looking ahead

  4. I’m having more fun trying to figure out if that is a man or a woman in the video than I am trying to update my A500.

  5. Fail

  6. Users in Australia owning an Acer Iconia Tab A501 have reportedly receiving an Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware upgrade. The update apparently upgrades the tablet to firmware build ACER_AV041_A501_1.021.00_WW_GEN1, however according to an Australian Acer representative the upgrade is now postponed for August 13. A few lucky owners managed to pull the update before Acer Australia withdraw the software update.

    Here’s what Acer AUS rep said on Whirlpool Forums:

    “Whilst the original ETA for the A501 ICS update I received from our PM (Product Management) team was that the update will release starting August 2nd, I have since been informed that the release is now scheduled for 13 August.”

    The unlucky majority will have to wait another 10 days before they will be eligible to upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

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