HTC Evo 4G LTE coming on May 18?


Earlier this morning, Good & Evo posted that a “reliable source with a proven track record” tipped them that the HTC Evo 4G LTE will be releasing on the 18th of May. They also managed to get their hands on a couple of images of publicity material that should be making it’s way to Sprint outlets over the next two weeks.

Pre-orders open on May 7, for which you can set up reminders on Sprint or Best Buy’s website. The phone will set you back $199.

[via Good and Evo]

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  1. This will be my phone on release date, as soon as the store opens. Will be a satisfying upgrade over my original evo (which I also purchased on release date as soon as the store opened). Of course all this can change depending on exactly what is said at the sgs3 unveiling.

    1. I would love to get this phone on release day regardless of what the sgs3 will be. The problem I have is with Sprint not HTC, how do you sell an LTE phone to your customers when you have no network? Oh and I wouldn’t switch from Verizon anyway:)

      1. As nice as LTE would be, and despite knowing I won’t be having it any time soon, there is no way I would leave Sprint. My rooted evo just on 3g provides all the internet for my home. With 3g I’m able to run multiple computers gaming (starcraft 2, swtor, wow), I can stream netflix and all my other daily internet needs. It does all of this quite well, but ultimately uses a huge ammount of data. The cost associated with losing unlimited internet makes switching to another provider for LTE not even close to worth it.

        1. And when sprint takes away that unlimited internet, they’ll use people like you to justify it. 

          1. As long as I’m grandfathered into unlimited that’s just fine! Lol

          2. That’s what ATnT customers thought too. Untill they were met with caps. I think Tmo would be your next bet. If you really use 3G, Tmo’s 2G is as fast as Sprint’s 3G. Unless you’re getting Sprint’s maximum amount of 3G. LoL!!

        2. There I no way you are using 3g to play satrcraft online…no way

          1. I absolutely am! More than that, I run two computers playing starcraft off the same 3g connection regularly! Really I want LTE for the ability to download large files in a timely manner, but other than that 3g has been just fine. I use it for my ps3 online gaming aswell.

          2. You’re doing this with Sprint’s 3G right? The one that gets nothing over 2Mb speeds on a GOOD day!?

            Insane… I am actually jealous. My 3G average is .5Mb speeds. *cough* Tmo 2G *cough*

      2. Easily?  It’s not like the phone doesn’t work without LTE.  You just won’t have 4G until it goes live in your area, in essence making it the same as buying an iPhone.

        1. Are you saying this person should use Sprint’s 3G, the equivalent to Tmo’s 2G? I think not. I will hold out on my barely making it WiMax until Houston has LTE. Unless it does already…

          1. You may want to Google the definition of 2G.

          2. Ok. And if I do? Then what? You may not know, but Sprint’s “3G” is actually 2.5G. Which is why it’s so slow and Tmo’s 2G is just as fast as Sprint’s 3G. So…? Well on a good day, I get faster speeds than .5Mb with Sprint.

          3. I’m not saying they should ditch their WiMax for sole 3g. I’m saying there are plenty of people who don’t get WiMax at all, so this would be the same speeds just a better device. Also, there are people like me, who used to get good WiMax data speeds between 10-12 mbps, but it started steadily decreasing over time. For about a year, i;ve been getting 1-1.5 mbps on 4g. It takes too long to connect, i almost never even use it, its pitiful. So i have no problem buying an LTE phone, and waiting till NYC’s alleged summer launch. My only options are tough it out for 2 months or jump ship to verizon.

          4. Ah!! That makes since. Positive thinking. I’m just so disappointed with Sprint. I was forced to move from Tmo due to being on a Family plan, and it’s just so horrible. Ima wade it out to see how their LTE fares. And I heard that Sprint is suppose to be upping their 3G.

            I know Tmo is planning on replacing ALL their  2G towers with 3G. I lyk that. And HSPA is just better IMO.

          5. Yeah their 3g is supposed to be upped, I wouldnt say that HSPA+ is better, its a trade off of speed vs battery. My cousin on tmobile gets a consistent about 6 mbps down, which is good enough more the majority of situations, but leaving 4g on, still wont get him through the entire day. (could also just be his phone mytouch4g) And LTE speeds of my friends on verizon ive seen reach 14-20 mbps down. Sure the extra bump isnt needed for web browsing, but when it comes to live streaming of sporting events for example, you cant complain about the extra speeds.

            So its always a trade off.

      3. Don’t get me wrong the phone is superb, it’s everything I wish the new Incredible would be, but Sprint has you folks fooled…

  2. My girlfriends replacement of her crappy HTC hero. Awesome phone good job eco team.

    1.  Hey man, I still got a HTC Hero.. of course, its rooted with CM7.2 and overclocked.. so I can live with it until the EVO 4G LTE comes out

  3. This phone would be so cool looking if it didn’t have that ugly gloss finish. I guess you can always change it.

  4. I can not wait I hope to preorder this phone the day that it opens preorders 5/7

  5. Does anyone know anything involving LTE in the greater houston area…? I know houston is one of sprints 1st market to have it, but are the towers in place…?

    1. yea, Sprints got many sites upgraded in Houston already.  Ranging from as far north as Huntsville and as far south as Galveston. I recommend getting to know http://www.s4gru.com for info. Hes got a live interactive map that shows all the updated towers as they go live… usually updates the maps 1 to 3 times a week.

  6. Kind of sucks to launch it in May, people who got the last 2 evo’s can’t get it until June unless they want to go through ordering it on telesales and have to ask for a 2 week early upgrade.

    1.  Sprint customers can upgrade every 22 months not 24, so yes they would be eligible.

  7. I’m waiting for the S3!!! I’m not down for this NON-removable battery crap!!! I have a suPer boring job, and carry around spare batteries cause I don’t have access to a power outlet.

  8. Agree, no way in the world you’re playing starcraft or anything else over 3g.

    1. I know for a fact you can get a good stream off netflix with the 3G hotspot and I’ve played Black Ops on 4G hotspot but 3G was really jerky. 

      1. Black ops did also cause me too much lag to be worth it on 3g. Most days would be fine but its far too frustrating to encounter lag in that game. Battlefield on ps3 however I have no lag issues with. Second life is the only game (sort of) that the 3g just couldn’t handle at all that I’ve experienced so far.

    2. Hey, I’m certainly not saying that 3g speeds are ideal, and there are a lot of situations where I have to make compromises on what I’m doing with the internet because of the speeds, but many online games including starcraft apparently require much less bandwith than some people apparently think. Since June of 2010 Sprint 3g has been the only internet I’ve had in my home, and its worked out fine. Not ideal, but I certainly don’t feel deprived.

      1. dang, id feel deprived, i dont even bother looking things up sometimes cuz it would take too long

        1. Damn, by the way you and others talk I must either be in an awesome area for 3g or you have absolutely no patience at all. Even while I am streaming netflix it never takes more than 3 seconds MAX for a page to load. Most of the time it only takes 1-2 seconds…

          1. my 3g flunctuates between .1 mbps and 1 mbps. I can view pages through apps ok, but if im in the actual browser it takes much longer for pages to load. Youtube app takes about 10-15 seconds to load a video, n if i want to skip ahead that has to buffer another 15. I used to get between 1.5-2.5 on 3g which wasnt bad.

            But yeah i have fios now at home n its so much faster than dsl or anything i couldnt imagine running on sprint 3g for my desktop.

  9. “This promotional material is allegedly heading to Sprinmt locations…”Nice! I didn’t know Sprint owned places called Sprinmt as well.

  10. I guess Google’s dream of touch screen keys won’t carry on, huh? And where is my Search button? How am I suppose to Search now!? And I am not kidding. I have no idea how to search in my apps. I always just hit the search key. Especially in my YouTube App. LoL!!

    1. i dont think i have ever used the search button.   The menu button, on the other hand, was my best friend.

  11. As an Evo 4g and Evo 3D owner, I sure do hope they offer me some sort of early upgrade option. I want this phone.

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