Apr 27th, 2012

Is it a phone? Or is it a mini tablet? That’s the question your iPhone toting friends will lose their minds over, after seeing your Galaxy Nexus running this tablet/smartphone hybrid ROM I came across on XDA. It’s called “Paranoid Android” (seriously, coolest logo ever) and it transforms your phone into a mini tablet of sorts, while still giving your device the full phone functionality you need.

Apparently, this isn’t a simple build.prop edit — no, sir. Well, okay, maybe it looks that way for now. But this ROM strives to be so much more than “tablet mode” running on your Galaxy Nexus. It’s looking to reshape ICS as we know it, but it needs some work. If you want to help this ambitious ROM grow into something a bit more than just a “cute novelty,” head on over to source link where you can find all the deets.

Thanks, Macky!


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