Official HTC Extended Battery For Droid Incredible 4G LTE Now Available Online


Verizon hasn’t officially announced a launch date for the Droid Incredible 4G LTE, but that hasn’t stopped HTC from going ahead and shipping out some official accessories for the handset. The 2,150mAh extended battery ($35) and extended battery cover ($20), are now available from online retailer HTCPedia, and will give the Incredible 4G that extra lasting power most Android devices crave.

Unfortunately, it looks like the extended battery does give the Dinc 4G a little junk in the trunk, but I’m sure that wont bother too many users who don’t mind the trade-off for a few extra hours of battery life. The HTC Droid Inc 4G will ship with a 1,700mAh battery which sounds a little skimpy when compared to its cousin’s 2,000mAh battery found inside the HTC EVO 4G LTE (yet still manages to keep a slim profile).

Chris Chavez
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  1. Woah, 17,000mAh! Why would anyone want to downgrade to this 2,150mAh one?

    1. Sorry, I had to see what it feels like to be a jerk.

      1. I’ve always been curious… what did it feel like? Was it liberating? Warm?? Kinda squishy??? O_o

        1. lol. squishy.

    2. Just caught that. Lol

  2. That’s a lot of junk in the trunk for 2150 mAh

    1. i agree, it’s as big as the rezounds 2750

  3. that 1700MAH should last decently long in that phone with only a 4 inch screen and with that power sipping krait chip

    1. But dat LTE doe.. 

      1. Still it should be pretty good if the software isnt too bad. Also leaving the lte off will help immensly

        1. Apples / Oranges comparison time… checking this comparison between the One S and One X

          The One X(Tegra3) has a 1,800mAh battery and Engadget said it got 6 hours on their video rundown test and 12.5 hours in normal use.

          The One S has a 1,650mAh battery and it scored 8.5 hours on their video test and 13.5 hours of normal use.

          They also tested the Rezound (1620mAh batter) in November using the same measurements – Video test – 4 hours and 15 minutes. Normal use – barely 12 hours.Based on the One S scores, this phone has a chance of  having great battery life.
          Of course, we shall see…

        2. Why have the LTE off, what’s the point of buying a LTE device if you’re going to have the LTE radio off? When you decide to use any data you would have to turn on the LTE radio, then wait for it to turn on and then use it. I keep the LTE on all the time. 

  4. Why can Samsung make the same size battery with little to no size increase and Htc makes the phone look twice as thick?

    1. The razr maxx is probably as thick as the non-extended battery version or at least not far off. *sigh* HTC does not learn.

  5. I’m 99% set on this phone if it has a mid-range pricetag.

  6. Not long ago a guy on here commented about how smart he was for buying an extended battery for a HTC phone…ilol well now isee how this man blindly and proudly bought into a HTC scam…and their recent comment about battery life, is the glue that seals my point…HTC for me, nope not until they get their scamming heads together and up the battery life of their phones.

    1.  You clearly haven’t looked at the battery life for the One S or X…

  7. Motorola can make the Razr Maxx look really sleek and thin with a 3300Mah battery..

    Htc can make a [moderated] cow of a phone with a 2200Mah battery..

    WTH is wrong with HTC.. i used to only buy htc.. now im considering getting the Motorola Maxx HD when it comes out,  battery life with style..

    1.  I can tell you exactly why the RAZR MAXX is so thin, with its gigantic battery.
      1) Non-removable batteries can be made into arbitrary shapes and don’t need any plastic casing.
      2) The RAZR MAXX is shaped like a dinner plate (big screen, gigantic bezel), so the battery can be made super thin because it’s so tall/wide.

      If you want a removable battery and a reasonably sized screen, you have to expect a thicker phone for the same size (or even smaller) battery.  The above reasons also explain why the Incredible 4G is so much thicker than the One S, despite having about the same battery capacity.

      1. Good to see someone with a brain.

    2. I agree with you about the battery and motorola.  I have a Droid Bionic now and it is very good in every way except one thing, the camera absolutely SUCKS.  And that is the only reason for me to stay with HTC, every HTC phone I have had has had a great still life camera.  The rest is no big deal between the phones.  The MAXX is awesome, if it weren’t for the camera, which is also sucky on the MAXX I would go with the MAXX any day, the batter on that is the best I am sure of any smartphone out there and to be that thin is awesome.  The MAXX is awesome, nice and thin and everything is great.  But I am obsessed with taking photos and I had a thunderbolt and an incredible and the cameras on both were superb and I heard it is getting better.  I use the camera a lot.  And I have a motorola Droid Bionic, and besides the camera, I have no complaints.  But camera is totally holding me back, so I will get this incredible 4G and am looking forward to a smaller screen actually.  But I will have to get the extended battery.

  8. That battery and cover looks to be the same size as my rezound extended 2750 mah battery, I accept the extra junk in the trunk for 1130 Mah extra, but for 450 Mah it’s not worth it. 
    With the new low power chipset in it, it might not be needed hopefully.
    I do like HTC phones

  9. HTC! start making your extended batterys go outwards, not upwards. So much potential if you covered the whole back of the phone instead of putting one big lump right in the center

  10. I have a 2150 in my 2 yr old 3g incredible. I’d like at least 2600 in a 2 core 4g.. As much as I like HTC phones I think I gotta go Razr Maxx this time..

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