Stop Everything You’re Doing, And Do A Google Search For “Zerg Rush”


Sometimes it’s just so hard to not love Google. Especially when they do crazy, wacky, cooky, fun stuff like this. Just like I said in the title, stop what you’re doing and do a search for “zerg rush” on Google. When you do, you’ll be treated to an interactive game I like to call — GoogleCraft. Apparently, this is in reference to StarCraft and whether or not you’ve ever played the PC megahit, I can guarantee that you’ll smile. Post your high score with a screenshot! :)

Thanks, Jeffrey!


Chris Chavez
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  1.  That’s freaking crazy! I was on a clicking spree!!

  2. haha gotta love google, i’ve been playing starcraft since back on the N64!

    1. Starcraft on the n64? Say waht now?
      Don’t you mean Starfox?

      1. No, there was a Starcraft on N64.  It was the only console version of the game, I believe.

        1. Never knew that……If I can get my hands on it, my dust catching N64 needs to flex its muscles once more

      2.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StarCraft#Nintendo_64_version

        1. Time to dust off my N64 and start the hunt for the cartridge then!

  3. Awesome as usual

  4. Bing says: what?

    *bing* : “Wuuuut?”


  5. That is awesome. I thought I was doing good and then I scrolled down and saw all my “buildings” were destroyed by zerglings coming from the south.

  6. Can’t seem to get this to work but could be because I’m on DROID mobile.

  7. Nothing happend but a bunch of search results about how something was supposed to happen O_O

  8. *SIGH* Guess this doesn’t work on a state-owned work computer :’-(

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