Australians can now enjoy movie rentals from YouTube and Google Play Store`


Google Australia’s blog has just announced that the country will now be able to enjoy thousands of movies for rent on Google Play Store and YouTube. Content from Walt Disney, NBC, Sony, and more will provide new entertainment options for those down under. While they don’t have as good a selection as Americans, it should still be a pretty attractive catalog. What you see now is not all you’ll get in the future, of course, as more content will be added periodically. Get started at YouTube or the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Now they just need to get music. Sucked that I couldn’t access that part while I was down there hearing so much great music I wanted to buy.

    1. I can’t wait till we finally receive the music aspect as well. Movies I’m not really bothered about but I loathe the limited music purchasing options over here.

      1. Yeah and I just realized that the fact that the music store isn’t available there is probably the very big reason I can’t find most Australian artists on Google Music. (Then again, I also can’t find some of them on Amazon either.) They play really great stuff on Triple J when I stream it and are nice enough to always announce who is playing. Now I just wish I could buy it without getting an iTunes account. I will not put it on my computer.

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