Verizon roadmap hints at Galaxy Note competitor from HTC


A new report from BGR claims to have the inside track on Verizon’s summer and fall device roadmap, the highlight of which could launch as a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note. HTC is said to be on target to release a 5-inch smartphone with Scribe pen (as first seen with the HTC Flyer) this fall. It would feature a 1080p HD display (non-PenTile), quad-core Krait CPU with Adreno 320 graphics, and HTC Sense 5. It’s still early, but if those specs hold up they will be just about the most impressive we have seen on a smartphone to date.

Other revelations from the Verizon roadmap include the pending release of the Galaxy S3 during the summer (after Verizon opted not to carry the GSII in favor of the Galaxy Nexus) and “multiple” Motorola RAZR devices. This should include the RAZR HD. Not surprising is the release of the next-gen iPhone in the fall.

The roadmap gives us a good idea of what flagship devices we can expect, but doesn’t offer much in the way of minor handset releases. Verizon should have a few new Android smartphones coming out soon, including the HTC Incredible 4G.

[via BGR]

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  1. Trusting a BGR source is like trusting your drunken roommate to watch your kid. lol 

    1. They use to have good sources and exclusives but now all you get is day old news from other websites. When they do have an exclusive they have to mention it a thousand times and tell you they were the first to report it every freaking time.

    2. I lol’d

  2. Well, stop talking and start delivery. Man, always wasting people’s time.

  3. Not doing HTC after your article that they think battery life isnt a major factor.

    1. Q: What do all HTC phones have in common? 

      A: a 2 hour battery life!!

      1. Nope…

    2. Customer’s: What about battery life?
      HTC: Did we mention this thing has a quad core processor and a beautiful 1080p display.
      Customer’s: But what about the battery life ? 
      HTC: OHHHH and whats this a scribble pen, ah nice no ?

      Device Dies >.> no backup battery in site 

      HTC: oh that’s supposed to happen, we call it sleep mode 

  4. Looks awesome, put in a big battery and minimal bezel to reduce the size. If they do that I am considering it (if it’s real). What Sense it is doesn’t matter since I’ll probably flash stock ics.

  5. Here’s hoping that the GS3 also hits AT&T this summer.  preferably early summer.  :-)

  6. HTCs version will prob weigh a ton, be a lot thicker than the note and have a 1700 mah battery lol

  7. Come on HTC, So I can let this at&t Bull#%&t service go!!!!!

    Love the NOTE! Hate the at&t service!

    1. That’s why I don’t switch services for phones, Verizon gives me the best service, so no matter how attractive the new one X and one S because it requires me switching services, it’s simply a no go. Just pick your favorite provider and stick with them and choose from their phones.

      The fastest and greatest smartphone is practically a paperweight if they don’t provide good data speeds and voice service.

    2. I love my Note as well and am pleasantly surprised by AT&T compared to ’09 when I had a 3GS.  It’s still not top of the line as far as 3G data speeds go but it’s very much worth it to me.  

  8. Droid XL folks is coming! I guarantee

  9. Sounds interesting. Well see what happens

  10. Hellooooo, ding,ding, ding… ”
    For starters, Verizon Wireless will indeed be offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 — Verizon notably passed on the Galaxy S II in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus — but we don’t know when the carrier will start selling Samsung’s new flagship smartphone. While we have a clear picture of Verizon’s fall smartphone lineup, we would assume the Galaxy S III will be available over the summer.”

    BGR just broke the big q, is verizon carrying the SGIII … lol, there we go then :)

  11. Would be nice to have a whole series of Note like devices that way I can leave these tablets at home, and also be able to enjoy the screen size. Also on a side note because no one else seems to be getting the phone anytime soon. Not to mention I HATE AT&T!

  12. Very interested, I’ll be weighing the options come november, I’m a current rezound owner and very happy with it, I just hope they get the battery right, please > 2000 mah, and if you want to  be a galaxy note contender > 2500, which a device this huge it shouldn’t be hard to fit in, they’ve already shown they can make thinner phones with the one x.

  13. Anything reported or claimed by BGR has about 2% truth…

    1. Bgr = less than .5% truth..

      The rest is copied from theVerge.

  14. my next device will be MOTO with ICS out of the box, hopefully a DROIDMAXX 2.

    1. I hope the Razr line is better than the Droid X line.  Every person I know that got a Droid X went over to iOS shortly after because of craploads of bugs.  

  15. BGR? Enough said.

  16. I’m switching to Verizon

  17. Probably more than 400ppi or more!

  18. My next phone if true.

  19. There is no way HTC can put out 1080p screen, quad core Krait S4 by Q3 this year.

  20. This is about the only thing spec wise that I would leave my Rezound for…

  21. I hope this holds true, it would def give verizon customers some great choices and options.

  22. My DInc has a solid 20 hrs of battery life with the seidio mega 3500 mAh battery. Just way too much bloat on any stock device. I’d be interested with a removable battery. I need a big phone

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