Dark Meadow: The Pact survival horror game released for Tegra 3 devices


Those of you who have a soft spot for games like Resident Evil, Alan Wake, Condemned, Silent Hill, and other creepy survival horror games will be happy to know that a new option has landed in the Android market. Courtesy of Phosphorus Game Studios, it’s called Dark Meadow: The Pact and it places you in the shoes of a character who wakes up in a hospital with your ordinary case of amnesia.

This hospital isn’t quite so ordinary, though, as no one else there except an old man who is too frail to break free. The reason he’s too frail is because an evil witch must be killed before whatever spell she has on that hospital is lifted.

It’s up to you to kill her using weapons like a bow and arrow, swords, and more. I’ve been playing the game on the Transformer Prime (our review is coming soon) and the Tegra 3-optimized version of the game really helps make it more captivating.

It was developed using the same engine that Gears of War 3 was developed with, Unreal Engine 3, and it definitely shows. Look no further than the trailer I’ve embedded above to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

For now, this one’s Tegra 3 only. If you have a Transformer Prime or any other phone or tablet with Tegra 3 check the game out in Tegra Zone and the Google Play Store. Oh, and it’s free — can’t really go wrong there! [via NVIDIA]

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  1. Looks like the same amount of quality in graphics to me!  But I guess if you have a Tegra device, you get grass as an unlocked feature.  HA. I’ll stick with the Gnex! :)

    1. LMAO! so true.

  2. Stupid @$$ idea. The whole point of survival horror is to completely immerse the player and make them feel alone and confined. When you try and do this on a mobile app it will not work. Plus when they just show the monsters full front like that it is not scary. Games like dead space tried this and failed horribly. Play a real survival horror game like silent hill 2, silent hill 3, fatal frame or eternal darkness and you will see what i mean

    1. Dead Space succeeded wonderfully for me and I’m not what you can call a wussy, I guess it depends of what type of horror you’re the most sensitive to…
      Though, Dark Meadow is quite immersive with headphones, but if you can be quite anxious at the beginning, it doesn’t last long when you see that the monsters are weak and you’re so strong… Nevertheless, the game is beautiful and the atmosphere quite oppressive…
      It’s a good game, mixing a lot of different type of gameplay, point and click, RPG, and a little bit of Infinity Blade, really enjoyable and original…

      1. I think you may have missed the point. Im not saying deadspace is a bad game. I am saying that as a survival horror game it fails. The monsters jumping out at you is startling the first two or so times but after that it becomes to be predictable and looses its edge. Dead space may have done well as a third person shooter with tons of cool guns and neat enemies but since they tried to go a different route they messed it up. 

        Dark meadow may have been a great game but since the whole point of survival horror is to remove the player from reality. Putting this on a tablet will not immerse the player. If you have to constantly hold the tablet then you are still in reality. The touch screen will not help this either. Trying to constantly touch a specific section of the screen will remove the player as well. Im sorry for saying these things but they are my opinions. 

        To get my point watch these  

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