Samsung Galaxy S3 shows up in Kies, AnTuTu benchmark


As May 3rd approaches, more and more references to the Samsung Galaxy S3 are appearing online. For starters, Samsung’s added the device to their Kies software. It’s useful to no one but devices testers right now, but it gives legs to an already obvious rumor.


Alongside that, benchmark results for the device have surfaced at AnTuTu. To keep it short and simple, it completely smoked the competition. Only the ASUS Transformer Prime with its quad-core Tegra 3 processor could compete with it.

More importantly, the specs it shows are absolutely beast-like. We have a 1.4GHz dual-core Exynos 4212, 1GB of RAM, a 4.7 inch 720p display (likely AMOLED), a whopping 12MP camera and a 2MP front facing camera. Sure, it’s not quad-core but if the rest of those specs turn out to be true, it sounds like it’ll be worthy of an upgrade. May 3rd couldn’t get here soon enough.

[via AC, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hmmm, seems okay spec wise….. My question is what Carrier gets it first how much and when

    1. amen

    2. You can expect it to be like whenever the S2 came out.. First AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint… who knows? Maybe Verizon might get some love this time around, but I doubt it.

      You can also bet that the Sprint version will look better than the rest of the carriers.. lol

      1. welll your wrong in regards to that order, cuz Sprint had it first in US followed by AT&T then T-mobile. But Sprint does have the best Variant. My wish is to just have the same damn phone across all carriers and regions. But this is unlikely because unless Exynos chipsets changed they do not allow for LTE or for HSPA+ connections. So they will probably make a billion different Variants to please the US Carriers specifically AT&T whom feels they are entitled to have a original Galaxy S II with their HSPA bands, then another with there LTE bands, and another possible one with LTE and HD screen. 

  2. While not much of an upgrade from the S2, I don’t think it’s meant for people that bought the S2. It’s meant for those that didn’t. People that bought the S2 on contract still have another year left. 

    1.  Not really sure who it’s for…

      The benchmark is neat and all, but the specs are really close to existing devices.

      LG Spectrum, as a sad example, is 1.5ghz, 8MP, 1GB RAM, and 1280×720.  Only difference is megapixel, screen size (4.5 vs 4.7) and the LG has an exra .1 ghz..)

      I am sure the processor in the S3 is better, but still…the specs themselves aren’t really all that impressive.

      1. I concur.

    2. you know, in some parts of the world we dont have 2 year contracts :)

      1. True, some parts of the world have 3 year contracts. 

        1. In some pats of world we dont even have contracts we just have to buy them for full price

          1. That’s what I did when I bought my S2 after getting stuck with a G2x. 

  3. How is it DUAL-CORE sucker ??? Have you looked at the Leaked Video ???

    1. Yes, I have seen it. I wrote this article in the context of this benchmark. *If* this ends up being the Galaxy S III (not confirmed) the 4212 would be a dual-core processor. Again, all of it is questionable until Samsung officially announces it. That’s how rumors work.

    2. Language fellar. I’m surprised he hasn’t banned you. And yes were talking about the phone in regards to THIS Leak. Calm down

  4. Wow is all I can say right now.

  5. This is probably old proto type from December that is going to be Galaxy M now. All other indications are it will have quad core 4412, 1.5Gb RAM.

    1. 1.5gb of ram is a little out there as far a rumors go and thats pushing it quiet a bit as well, not sure that ones happening

  6. If it’s exynos 4212 with 1GB RAM they are better call it the Galaxy S2.5

  7. oh! cool! they are announcing it in a week! which means it will be out globally in 1-3 months, come to a GSM carrier in 4, and then it will come to sprint next feb! IM SO GLAD I HAVE SPRINT! 


    i was hoping for quad core and 1.5gb RAM. but, looks like it will outperform the s2, and like Jason said, this phone is for those who bought OG Galaxy S, not necessarly SII and as long as it bests whats already out (tegra 3 and snapS4) and it looks like it does. its a win in my book. 

    At this point when choosing a new phone all i really look for is screen clarity and batt life. I only buy high end devices so i usually have 3 to choose from with my carrier (or any) all these phones have killer processors and sufficient RAM. Also i dont have that much digital content so as long as it has 8gb of internal memory i dont need removable memory, plus there is always the cloud. all i care about is that i have the best screen, that works well in the sun, and will last me 18 hours.

  8. What everyone seems to be forgetting is that even if it comes out in May, the U.S. won’t see for at least 3-6 after that, probably around the holidays.  Point being something “better” will come along or if you’re waiting to get a phone, get a new one now or it will be a long wait.

  9. Is that right?! Benchmark beats TF Prime and dual-core? I wonder what the battery life will be like

    1. This is a new exynos on 32nm process.. the rumor suggests an a9 cortex quad on 32nm process for the gs3.. Better power management

  10. This is not the Galaxy S III as its going to be released.
    I am sure they will release it with a different SoC.
    This is either an experimental device or a fake.
    I guess it is a fake because the Exynos 4212 uses Cortex A9 CPU architecture like the Tegra 3 so even if it has better memory bandwidth and stuff – it won’t beat a Cortex A9 Quad Core with two Cortex A9 cores.

    1. To be honest i just downloaded the antutu app to do a benchmark test earlier before this article was posted and i noticed the gs3 being listed . I saw that it was a dual core so I thought it was fake, but this could be the i93000T.?

      Or just completely fake..

  11. I don’t care how many cores we have as long as it’s blazing fast.

    1. The Galaxy S II is blazing fast. Its basically lag free already. Samsung is really pushing this one for better power management whilst keeping the sleek performance of the S2.

  12. If the one x scored 2000 more points than the transformer,
    the one x is the one to beat… not the prime

  13. Fake ?
    I can’t believe that the Galaxy S3 will come with a version of Android below 4.0.3, and prototypes were already seen with that version installed :
    I’ve never used AnTuTu, does it usually display the exact version number of the OS?

  14. GS3 is confirmed 4412 quad-core and Mali T400 over clocked, it’s possible they’re testing a GS2+ or a “medium range” phone that is more or less the GS2 HD, LTE released in Korea that’s been redesigned for Android 4.0 and international release under the GS3 name. I’m hard pressed to believe 4212 can compete with Tegra 3 or beat S4 because it’s the same processor as the Galaxy Note, maybe the site simply doesn’t register the 4412 as being the actual chip being tested here? Sketchy.

  15. Samsung just announced in their official blog that GS3 would come with an Exynos 4412 not 4212.

  16. I wanted a full hd display on s3

  17. What if the S3 is just a minor upgrade to the S2 just so the fans can think that this is the major phone Samsung are talking about and then WHAM they reveal another mainstream GALAXY series phone far more powerful than the S series?

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