HTC One S available today from T-Mobile, get $100 back with trade-in


Ladys and gents, the HTC One S is now available from T-Mobile. The middle child of HTC’s flagship One series, the One S is priced at $200 on a new two-year contract, but thanks to a new promotion the phone could be had for what amounts to essentially free. Through May 8th, TMo is offering a trade-in promotion on all new 4G smartphones that offers a guaranteed $200 back for handing over an old iPhone. All other smartphones guarantee $100 back.

The catch, of course, is that the deal is not instant. You will have to mail away and wait up to 60 days to receive a pre-paid card holding the funds. Even without the deal the One S is an excellent buy and well worth checking out. Find it at T-Mobile now.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Whaaat? I thought it was an in store trade. BS.

    1. They do these types of trades because they bank on people not following through and a good percentage of people dont.

  2. Hurry up Sammy !! Announce release dates on S3 & Note so I can decide what to get. Damn you PATIENCE. It is NOT a virtue, it is torture.
    The spaz has spoken

  3. I don’t know….With Google selling the Nexus for $400 with NO contract, why would you want anything else?

    1. If your off contract you can’t beat this a $400 galaxy nexus.

      1. I am off contract….And for this very reason. I did not want to be locked in for 2 years if and when a great deal came along. I am still on the G2, which has served me well, but damn….$400 Nexus with NO contract?

        1. Yup, I did it. Figured that would let me sit on my upgrade until something really blows my socks off.

      2. If you want a better camera, then you’d choose the HTC One X or S.  If you want a less gigantic phone (Galaxy Nexus is 4.7″), then you’d choose the HTC One S.

    2. I’m on a very old, very cheap legacy plan that will not be beaten by any competitor. As much as I want a GNex, buying a subsidized phone for $200 and locking in my ridiculously good contract price is a no brainer.

      1. Same. I won’t be leaving my plan for anything. I don’t want to deal with ATT or Verizon’s tiered data plans (I use too much even without tethering). TMO is fast enough for my needs an I have no coverage problems.

        I dont upgrade until February 2013 so I get to wait and see what drops between now and then. I might get to see Tegra 4. SGS4 might be around the corner by then. As long as TMO gets it.

  4. If my contract was up, and if I was willing to bet on T-Mo’s surviving for another couple years, this would be the deal I would jump on.  Fantastic phone.  I would probably skip the trade-in deal, though.

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