It’s good to be a CEO: Sanjay Jha’s pay package for 2011 was about $47 million


The title pretty much says it all. Few other points from the regulatory finding:

  • His 2011 compensation package is nearly four times of what he got in 2010.
  • The reasoning specified was the “successful partition of Motorola into two companies last year to form Motorola Mobilities and Motorola Solutions.”
  • Jha’s package includes options awards, increased from the $13 million in 2010.
  • Motorola had a $80 million net loss in Q4 2011 alone. Motorola Mobility’s Q1 2012 results will be provided on May 1.

[via Reuters]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Because he was doing such a great job /s

  2. Ha, ha Chris!!! I won’t even touch a Motorola smartphone, had way too bad of an experience with the original Droid.

    1.  Agree. Until moto stops with encrypting their bootloaders I won’t buy another moto phone. If updates came quickly maybe that would be different but thats not the case.

      1.  they do come quickly

        1.  How many of their phones have ics officially?? Oh yeah that’s right… 0 That isn’t fast updates so idk what you are smoking.

          1. Again…learn how to root your phone. I’ve been running ICS on my D3 for almost a year now.

          2. Again learn how to read. I said officially. Pretty much every phone you can root and have latest update. Has nothing to do with Moto and quick updates. Try a little harder next time;)

          3. Given that it didn’t release until last November, I am doubtful that you have had it for almost a year.

            ROMs came out based on the updated SDK before that, but those weren’t ICS. ;)

        2. I bet you do as well

      2. Learn how to root your phone, and you won’t have to worry about the bootloader issue

        1. Rooting does nothing for encrypted boot loader. Nice try though

  3. Amazing salary for a guy running a company that has huge losses all the time

    1. All the time?  Motorola just split into two company’s last year…how could that be enough time to say “All the time”?

  4. Am I reading this right?
    Company loses 80milion, guy gets paid 40milion?

    I wonder why they lost so much in the first place… oh the misteries of the universe…

    1. Incomplete information…author cannot just say “Motorola” anymore and send the right message. You have to be specific of “which” Motorola took the net loss.  I know for a fact, that Motorola Solutions did not…

  5. This scumbag knew all too well he was going be dumped so he took as much as he could. Typical ceo

  6. Maybe you should sign yourself up instead of spamming websites for a living. 

  7. CEO’s shouldn’t get paid SQUAT NOR STOCKS. it’s the engineers that makes and designs and not to also mention sales associates that sells the products. their the ones should GET MILLION DOLLARS bonuses. just makes me sick when a CEO gets a BIG PAY OUT.

  8. An 80 million dollar net loss and they pay this joker 47 million dollars? No wonder cell phones are so drastically overpriced.

  9. No wonder there has been no progress on bringing ICS to Motorola’s phones. Sanjay took the ICS budget and put it in his pockets… along with the budget for unlocked boot loaders

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