Apr 20th, 2012

If you fancy yourself a fan of the platforming genre, more specifically, the kind of platforming where just one wrong move could mean instant death — you need to check out CheeseMan. Right now.

CheeseMan pays homage to wickedly difficult 2D platformers like Super Meat Boy — a game that took Steam, Xbox Live, and PC by storm last year — and demands nothing less than cat-like reflexes from players if they hope to save Cheese Land from the the Evil Professor Mousky.

Controls are simple: move left/right, jump, double jump, and wall jump as you attempt to make it to the end of a level in one piece. If I said you’d die a few times in your quest, I’d be lying. You’re definitely going to die. A lot. But with zero load times and unlimited lives, dusting yourself off and trying again is just part of the fun. Cheese Man also features a pretty rockin’ 16-bit-esque, fast paced soundtrack to boot. So much to love.

You can find CheeseMan for free right now in the Google Play Store. Oh, and while you’re at it — feel free to “like” their Facebook page. Great games like this deserve to be recognized, especially when they come to Android.

[Facebook | Play Store Link | Via DroidGamers]