Instant Download: CheeseMan Brings Super Meat Boy Style Platforming To Android


If you fancy yourself a fan of the platforming genre, more specifically, the kind of platforming where just one wrong move could mean instant death — you need to check out CheeseMan. Right now.

CheeseMan pays homage to wickedly difficult 2D platformers like Super Meat Boy — a game that took Steam, Xbox Live, and PC by storm last year — and demands nothing less than cat-like reflexes from players if they hope to save Cheese Land from the the Evil Professor Mousky.

Controls are simple: move left/right, jump, double jump, and wall jump as you attempt to make it to the end of a level in one piece. If I said you’d die a few times in your quest, I’d be lying. You’re definitely going to die. A lot. But with zero load times and unlimited lives, dusting yourself off and trying again is just part of the fun. Cheese Man also features a pretty rockin’ 16-bit-esque, fast paced soundtrack to boot. So much to love.

You can find CheeseMan for free right now in the Google Play Store. Oh, and while you’re at it — feel free to “like” their Facebook page. Great games like this deserve to be recognized, especially when they come to Android.

[Facebook | Play Store Link | Via DroidGamers]

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  1. Not compatible with Droid 2 Global, wtf, does this thing require a super powered GPU or something? My phone isn’t even old enough that the earliest adopters of it would be able to upgrade to something newer. Total weak sauce.

    1. The game is still fresh off the market. I’m sure the developer will add support for more CPU’s with coming updates… 

    2. Hello ben7337, I’m Arne from Alphanoize Games, the creators of CheeseMan … Sorry for the trouble you have with the game on your phone. We get alot of issues right now regarding technical problems with different phones … please understand that we are a small company (two guys) and have not the possibility to buy every android phone model on the planet and test the game on it … Please send your phone model description and android version to [email protected], this would help us alot ! Thanx !

      1. Understandable, it only bothers me because it is the first case I’ve seen where an app was developed on android that truly showed the fragmentation of android. Most of the time I think it’s no problem because there are very very few things that don’t work on almost all android smartphones, especially all decent ones. However releasing an app like this does really highlight the fragmentation and how annoying it can be in the future.

        Anyway, all I can say is that google’s play store says isn’t compatible with the Droid 2 Global on verizon which has a TI OMAP 3 seris SoC with a Power VR530 gpu and 1.2Ghz single core cortex a8 cpu. Also the screen runs at a slightly unconventional 854×480, so perhaps your game just wasn’t designed to have that unique resolution officially supported which made the google play store deny it?

        1.  Hi Ben, as far as we can say now, it seems to be -like you said- a problem with the screen resolution. We’ll contact the engine developers to figure out if it is an engine problem or if we have to change some configuration or assets to solve the problem … thx alot for your feedback !

  2. Yeah my GS2 isn’t supported either…it isn’t like a tegra exclusive or anything right?

    1. Exynos isn’t always as widely adapted as other CPU’s.. (Something I noticed when I had mine)

    2.  Hi, CheeseMan runs smooth on Samsung GT-i9100 Galaxy S II, but not on
      Samsung SGH-i777 Galaxy S II … we currently try to figure out the differences and which component is responsible for the incompatibility.

      1. Whoa you guys are really on the ball, that was a fast email AND comment response. :-) I’m running Task360’s AOKP build 4-18-2012 and the Siyah 3.1rc2 kernel on my SHG-i777 if that helps you any. Both can be found on XDA at

  3. Well I sent the dev an email letting him know there’s some device incompatibility. Hope he can get it all sorted out soon, the game looks like a blast.

    1. we got your mail thank you  :) , we will find a solution as soon as possible , CHEESE UP :D

      1. Any chance you can add compatibility for the original transformer?  There is Galaxy Tab 10.1 compatibility, and they are so close to each other.  If you’d like someone to beta test it to see if there are any problems, I’d be happy to.  I am an android developer as well, so I might be able to help you work through any problems.

  4. I just got done playing it (GSM galaxy nexus) and its a blast! I’ve been waiting for super meat boy to come to android , and this game is just as good. Glad to see Team Meat drop a game for Android like super meat boy!

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