More Samsung Galaxy S III Rumors – New Images Leak Of The Device In The Wild?


Weeeeee… It’s time for another dose of Galaxy S III rumors! Now that you’ve been warned, feel free to back out of this article as it contains the following: gross speculation, unfounded rumor and even a pinch of “insider secrets,” from unconfirmed sources. That being said, let’s begin.

We all know, May 3rd is fast approaching us and the tech/mobile world is on high alert for the latest flagship to come out of Samsung’s HQ — the Galaxy S III. Gizmodo Brasil got a hold of a Samsung device they believe could be the GS3, and although specs for the device did confirm Cnet’s earlier report of the GS3 being an “incremental update” over the Galaxy S II (12MP camera, fast, great display) one look at the leaked device and you can see that this is, in fact, not the GS3. See for yourself.

If, after looking at the device, your faith in Samsung delivering a new and fresh looking design is dwindling — don’t worry. The Verge is reporting from their sources that Samsung’s security is tighter than ever for a new device launch and that all leaks so far have been inaccurate. We recently learned that Samsung could be using generic “test boxes” to house the Galaxy S III when sent out for carrier testing and the leaked images above could be exactly that. Or, they could be a mid-range offering from Samsung soon to arrive, along the lines of the Galaxy M.

What’s more is the “Galaxy S III” name hasn’t even been finalized. It’s been said that the Samsung could be going the Apple route (something not unheard of for the Korean company) and may release the device as something as “the next Galaxy,” as the device was being called in their invites for their May 3rd press event.


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  1. I don’t see a phone, all I see are fingerprints.

  2. Why is there a manatee looking at it in the reflection on the left?

    1. I don’t know. Why it chose to take the photo with a tablet, is even more confusing.

    2. Perhaps it is the samsung galaxy manatee.

    3. This is definitely a hand. And that hand is definitely holding an iPad to take the picture. Notice the apple logo.

    4. doesn’t matter, thats not the new gs3.  thats a step backwards design wise.

    5. Its Apple. Anxiously waiting, biding its time for its imminent release so that they can pounce and blast all the “copyright infringement” documents at it.

      1. Well you do see the Apple logo reflection in the first image. Obviously a photo taken by an Apple Employee to help give Samsung bad press


        1. yep, the apple pirates have kidnapped the SIII

        2. Oh yeah, haha. And my comment was meant to be a joke. I never noticed that, haha.

  3. It does look like it’s been Apple “design language lawsuit” proofed, with the way the glass is exposed as a long oval instead of a rectangle. 

  4. The Samsung Glass 3? Um… can someone say greasy fingerprint magnet? LoL!!

    1. Show me a touch screen phone that doesn’t have fingerprints.  Just stop being such a greasy punk.

      1. Lyk every phone in mankind now and days. Glass back? Really? You’d put a protector over it defeating the purpose of it being glass, or the glass being there since it’ll be covered. Meaning Samsung should just stick to cheaper products, lyk plastic.

        1. I actually prefer the plastic, a lot of people complain how Samsung phones feel cheap but ironically there more durable then most phones on the market

          1. And it doesn’t feel cheap either.  Just because one company puts glass on the back of their phone and another company uses metal doesn’t mean plastic is cheap.  My S2 feels very sold and the texture on the plastic makes it better to hold onto.

            People use plastic every day and don’t think twice about it until some Samsung hater brings it up.  The haters need to move on and get a life.

          2. I personally prefer the metal to glass. Metal gives it more weight and makes the device feel….significant. The plastic isn’t “bad” but metal is just better. 

            Hold something like the MT4G in one hand and the SGS2 in another blindfolded and you’d obviously feel like the MT4G was of superior quality.

            I like Samsung’s phones though and the SGS3 is probably my next one depending on what comes out between now and my upgrade.

  5. You guys should start making these articles: “The new rumor.”

  6. Galaxy nexus 2.0

  7. is it just me or does it look like an iPod 

    1. It’s just you.

  8. They had better not call it the Next Galaxy…. if they do they deserve the legal crap they’ve been getting, that’s just stupid.

    1. The Next New Galaxy SMR+ Super AMOLED Extreme with Dolby Digital Surround

      Rolls of the tongue, don’t it :)

      1. You forgot the “plus” at the end

        1. No, the “+” is there, it’s the “HD” that’s missing.

    2. It could be worse: the Galaxy S IIS

    3. Wouldn’t surprise me if they named it the “Galaxy SII+” because, you know, people will flock to buy that crap anyway, because it has an extra character.

  9. It kinda looks like there’s a case making it look rectangular – kinda like how Apple masked the now-iPhone 4 design under an iPhone 3G looking case….

    Either that, or that’s one ugly bezel/case


    1. Yeah, but Apple’s was an actual CASE. Like, a real ugly, thick, black case with an iPhone inside. This is an actual phone. 

      Could Samsung have went through the trouble of making an entirely different housing to hide the Galaxy S III? Maybe. 

      More than likely, they’re using a big thick case like Apple. One with a huge padlock on it =p

  10. these images have already been debunked.  they’re just generic cases used to test the internals.

    1. Kinda mentioned that. Sourced that article too xD

      And that wasn’t exactly a “confirmed” debunking. I still believe these pics are of an actual device — just not the GS3. Wont eat my shorts over it though O_o

  11. It’s a Galaxy Nexus in a weird jacket! 

    1. dude, youre right i see it under there!!

    2.  The screen protector on it looks like it was cut for a gnex too

      1. That’s not a screen protector, that’s the shape of the case.
        On the Galaxy Nexus, the sensors and front camera are not so close to the screen.
        Maybe is it really the SIII, but under cover, for secrecy.

  12. Lol I already jumped ship, just prefer another nexus , no way in hell I’m going to wait like another 3-4 months to get an s3

  13. That’s ugly

  14. if it doesn’t have the curved bottom and the grip sides like from one of the rendered pictures with May 22 on it, and it just looks like any other phone, then i’m not that interested. the pic that showed only the bottom part before they changed the date made it look like a sports car. i’m ordering the One X next week anyway. they are making a mistake by not letting people know about it while the HOX is out. 

    1. …and i’m not making a mistake by not waiting because i dumped my S II almost a month ago for about 300. the music quality was bad and the source code was released with too many bugs. Samsung is doing too much to focus on supporting phones they already released, just like HTC was doing before this year.

  15. If this is SGS3 I will jump to HTC…very very disappointing :/

  16. If the second image is really how the Galaxy S III will look like it still doesn’t say much about this phone. Very much look forward to May 

  17. Couldn’t the motherf*cker wipe his damn fingerprints off the phone before taking pictures of it???? What the hell is wrong with ppl these days?? Damn weirdos!!

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