Draw Something Update Includes New Features: Comments, Undo, and Refresh


Draw Something was updated in the Google Play Store today. OMGPop has added some much requested user features such as the ability to comment on drawings, undo the last line drawn, and pull-down-to-refresh for immediate updates. For those of you that have either uninstalled, flashed a new ROM or aybe have yet to try the Pictionary style mega-smash hit, this new feature set may have you rushing to Play Store for a download.

Draw Something can be found in either a free (with ads) or paid version (no ads, 99 cents) in the Google Play Store. I admit, I’ve kinda had a falling out the game but these new features serve as a reminder to give it another shot. Anyone else still playing?

[Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I feel like it’s a great game for chicks but not something I can play with my buddies. I have a long game going with my wife but that’s it. And the lack of notifications is annoying.

    1. Yeah, girls love this ish. I didn’t know, but apparently they recently included push notifications since I last had it installed. Woot! :)

      1. Saw a notification pop up on my gnexus this morning. also,thank god for the undo option :D

  2. Nope, I don’t support douche bags.

    1. You mean the Draw Something CEO? Lol You read that article?

      1. what article? I want to know lol

  3. It has push notifications now.

    1. Yea, I’m not sure why they didn’t advertise it as a new feature, I’m sure it’s something everyone has been waiting for.

  4. It’s supports push notifications on the iPad… My evo 3D screen is too small to play on

  5. Long overdue, but I’m glad the update is finally here.

  6. New words now

  7. Does anyone else feel like this game has lost its novelty?

  8. Chris, again and again your posts make me smile, and incidentally make my life just a bit easier :)

  9. Works on my Nook Tablet now, should be much easier than on my Droid X now.

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