Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III to be a “minor upgrade” over Galaxy S II


The jump from the Samsung Galaxy S to the Samsung Galaxy S II was very significant, so we imagined there would be a lot of sweet surprises for the Samsung Galaxy S III. All of the event delays led us to believe they’d be working on some innovative things.

A source of CNET UK’s says that isn’t the case, though. We’re to expect just a slight upgrade over the Galaxy S II, according to the source. They likened the move to what Apple did going from the iPhone 4 to the 4S, or the iPhone 3G to the 3Gs.

They say Samsung may even borrow the naming convention of the aforementioned transitions. Samsung Galaxy S II S?Well, not necessarily, but they say  not to expect it to be marketed as the Samsung Galaxy S III.

All of this is a bit hard to swallow, but if we even get just a quad-core processor and an HD display, as well as an improved camera (if possible — Samsung’s cameras are already pretty nice) that would be pretty good incentive to upgrade.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They can call it “The New Galaxy S”

    1. The term lol is used frequently, but this actually deserves it.  Maybe there should be llol for “literally…”

    2. That sir was funny. *applauds*

      Variations after this;

      The New Galaxy
      The Newer Galaxy
      The Newest Galaxy

      …..The new Milky Way; A phone as vast as the galaxy, but also a yummy chocolate bar

  2. ****Samsung’s cameras are already pretty nice…..with the exception of the galaxy nexus.

    1. Seconded, the Droid Charge, also at VZW and nearly a year older than the Gnex, has an 8MP shooter and takes much better photos.

      1.  The htc vivid running ics consistently blows my mind in picture quality, I have the htc titan 2 in my hands right now with a 16 megapixel camera and honestly i’m a little underwhelmed. But the vivid hands down takes any phone I sell to the cleaners (att)

    2. pretty nice doesn’t cut it.  It needs to beat the iphone in every regard.

    3.  That wasn’t really Samsungs choice.
      Google also had a good reason for doing so too, they weren’t really going for high quality photos, but more to showcase the new features and set an example.

  3. If this was true, I highly doubt Samsung would keep it hidden so well. Samsung probably reported it to CNET to lower expectations, then out of nowhere they’ll unleash a monster.

  4. wait the upgrade from the s to the s2 was better cpu,better camera,bigger ram,and better screen and that was significant as you said so how is the s3 not improving on all those departments minus maybe the ram is no significant upgrade…if they keep the same design which is not gonna happen then its like a 4to a 4s upgrade other than that this is a huge upgrade, i didnt expect the s3 to have anything other than a redesign,720p non pentile screen and quad core…i think its samsung now just trying to make sure people dont expect things like a bendible or 1080p or 2gb ram.

    1. actually 2 gb ram is’t that unreasonable. there are already a few ICS tabs that have that. 

      1. The problem with 2GB of Ram is the battery drain it causes.  Until battery technology gets better, I don’t see this happening in phones.

      2. which ics tab have 2gb ram…as far as i know any major android tabs have all had 1gb so far.

  5. I would’t doubt it if they just called it the Samsung Galaxy. 

  6. Hmmmmm, don’t like the sound of that but Samsung’s “minor” is like Apple’s “major”

  7. CNET.. just another Apple Media Conglomerate.

    1. Ya you are high.
      Check out their prize fights where android products have beaten apple.
      Time to remove your Google issued tin foil hat

      1. You obviously haven’t seen Cnet lately. Their coverage is very pro Apple anti Android.

        1.  I thought it’s always been that way over at CNET

        2. I think your hatred of a phone is making you delusional. The gnex is an editors choice and they have extensive.
          I realize it may be a little shocking to you to learn that the iPhone is a great product which many people use and enjoy. Some of you seriously need help with your mental illness that dictates that anyone who says anything nice about apple must hate android.


  8. They will at least upgrade the display to 720p S-AMOLED. I also don’t see them not upgrading the SoC. With only those two things, it can’t be a minor upgrade.

  9. Heck, even a minor update over the GS2 is enough for me! Barring major catastrophe or disappointment, I’m going to get the GS3.

  10. I’m actually pretty sick of “rumors”.  Email me once it’s released.

    1. ^ lol

    2. Completely agree, and why would someone now go and say a small upgrade, even if it’s JUST a quad-core, HD screen and better camera…..erm isn’t that all the new SGS3 was expected to have ANYWAY! And we all know this rumour is a load of crap as they will be competing with the iPhone 5 and HTC One X, why would they do a small upgrade now when Apple’s is likely not going to be a small upgrade as they already did that with the iPhone 4S. Samsung will want to take potential iPhone 5 and One X customers; it will be a significant enough upgrade to keep up with these.

      1. I totally agree. I’ll be buying an htc one x or s if the s3 doesn’t bring something significant to the table.  The goal for samsung should be to put iPhone in it’s rear view mirror and they need to beat them with a great camera, great battery life, hd display(720 or 1080).  They can do all that with a quad core but may be easier to do with one.

        1. They can do it with a dual core Cortex-A15 which is superior to the quad core Cortex-A9 in performance and power efficiency.

    3. We’re having our own little “Galaxy Quest” :)
      Before you know it we’ll have mock pictures spoofing the real thing, oh wait …

    4. How can you type without a space button?

      1. you hit the word that is spelled out above the keyboard and it puts space in at that point. I’ve been doing that and it’s a pretty easy change.

    5. So is Lindsay 

    6. The mods actually removed those comments? All I did was agree with what the person who is now “Guest – comment removed” said, and I didn’t even see any profanity or direct threats in his/her statement. Is that how pathetic it is now? Phandroid cannot take criticism? I’m glad I grabbed a screenshot of those comments pretty much knowing that a mod would be along to delete them before they were gone.
      To be very clear, I have absolutely no problems with moderators themselves (except the ones who think that because they have a “moderator” title, it somehow equates to “CEO” or “Nobel Laureate”, or “I can be a bully now and delete anything that I don’t like or agree with”
       I moderate two forums myself (non-Android related – I’d rather kill myself before dealing with THAT kind of insane mess), and I often have to clean up, as it were, so I do understand. However, I would personally break my own fingers with a hammer before removing a comment that was critical of the site in question. I take it as constructive criticism, not as a personal attack. Apparently, the initial commenter had at least 12 people who agreed with him/her before it was deleted, I had 4 likes just for agreeing (I don’t care about likes, or how many people like or don’t like my comments, I really don’t, however, if that many people are agreeing with the first responder to Shang Tsung, you should probably look into what you’re doing rather than getting all offended). The other person who also agreed with the initial poster had his/her comments deleted as well. Again, I didn’t see any personal attacks, profanity or threats, and I’ve also heard from a few people that Phandroid’s forums are doing the same thing now – if the moderators don’t like your post (and I’m not talking about profanity, personal attacks, or threats either, so we can get that out of the way immediately), they’ll delete it. Deleted just for not agreeing with their “philosophy”, and not just the rules/regulations/guidelines/whatever Phandroid forums has. Has Rob become paranoid? Does he tell you to remove anything and everything that doesn’t agree with, or is critical of one of his websites? Is it a mod-gone-wild? I know it isn’t the advertisers, I know how internet ad revenue works and the terms of the agreements.
       I have seen a ton of highly objectionable posts that were left untouched (spare me the “these are massive websites, we can’t get everything” – yes, you can, actually. Phandroid isn’t that big, regardless of what you’d like to think – it’s Phandroid, not CNet), yet some mod felt the need to delete a post because it was critical of this site? Are you kidding me?! Are you so insecure now that nothing negative or critical may be posted?
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      I used to really like Phandroid, but it’s getting harder and harder to read because of all the nonsense, ridiculous blogs, impending rumors posted repeatedly to the point that it almost seems as if Phandroid is spamming themselves, etc. Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels that way. 11 other people besides myself agreed with that poster before it was removed, which is something to think about. Or not, I don’t own the site, it doesn’t affect my life one way or the other if this place fails or flourishes.
      Try quality over quantity (there, I said what the original person said, I guess I’m banned now *eyeroll*)
       If the shoe fits, don’t throw it out, wear it.

      1. I am shocked that comments are removed.  I am emailed on every reply that is posted from my original comment, and there wasn’t ANYTHING in there that was inappropriate.

        I think that because of this, I STRONGLY considering switching to DroidDog.com or some other quality blog.  It sucks because I really like this website, despite the delays, typos, and broken links.  It’s easy to read, informative, and “feels like home”.  I don’t agree with deleting comments.  This is very wrong, Phandroid.  You better correct your ways, or I promise that you will lose your fans and followers.

        1. I agree wholeheartedly, ST. This used to be a good site, an enjoyable site, a site I used to recommend to my friends. I have had a lot of people “in real life” (not on the internet) actually ask me point-blank “What happened to Phandroid? It used to be such a good site, now it completely sucks. Why do they have the impending is impending things? Why do they show every picture that some kid rendered of an SGS3? With all of the things going on in the world of Android, why do they post rumor after unfounded rumor and fake pictures when there are things that I would’ve liked to know that were on sites A,B,C, and D, but Phandroid thought that it would be more informative to show images of something that is blatantly fake? Did someone else take over the site?”. I have no answer for them. They’re right, this site got worse after Disqus was installed, it’s been on a downward slide since then, and now they’re deleting posts just because they were critical of the site. That’s beyond unprofessional and immature, but since Phandroid is going from being a fun site to being a site that looks like it’s managed by hyperactive 12-year-olds and moderated by their 14-year-old brothers and sisters, I guess it’s par for the course.
          You are also 100% correct in that, if Phandroid keeps up the nonsense, and deleting posts that are critical because of some bizarre insecurity, they’re going to start hemorrhaging followers. I’ve been coming in less and less, where two years ago, I used to check Phandroid a dozen times a day, I may check it less than a dozen times a week. I think it’s time for me to move on to other, much better, more informative sites.
          It doesn’t feel like home anymore. It’s sad.

  11. better screen, bigger display, better camera, quad core, probably more ram, bigger battery — id say thats a major upgrade

    1. Quad core with the A9 architec. wouldn’t be much of an upgrade at all

      1. It’s the same as the Tegra 3..

    2. I am completely pulling this out of my ass, but this is my guess:

      -Processor: 1.5 GHz Quad Core A9 (Exynos 4412)
      -RAM: 1GB
      -Display: 4.65 Super AMOLED (Nexus display)
      -Back Cam: 8MP (a la Skyrocket & Skyrocket HD)
      -Front Cam: 2MP (a la the same)
      -Battery: 1850 mAh non-removable

      I could be far off, but we will see in a couple weeks

      1. Sounds about right ot me. Except the screen might be SAMOLED plus.

        1. I would have hands down said SAMOLED+ a couple weeks ago, but last week someone gave me a very convincing argument and some solid math to show that it probably wouldn’t happen.  I guess we will see.

      2. I’d say Super AMOLED HD+, 2500mAH non removeable battery and 12MP shooter. The rest is right on.

        Oh and 5.3″ with software buttons and less bezel.

        1. They should start a competition like march madness except guessing specs on a phone.  Winner gets a free phone.

          1. Now the real question we should all be asking is, “Will it blend?”.

      3. I’m sure the camera will be updated somewhat. They aren’t going to use the exact same camera they did in their GSII phones.

  12. I wonder if Apple will sue Samsung for stealing their business model

    1.  pft. The only thing Apple won’t sue them for are things that they haven’t already lost court battles over. HP needs to release an iPaq phone and see if Apple with sue them over using an “i” name. Then HP can point back to the ’90s where they used it on all of their PDA products.

      1.  Umm… there already were ipaq smartphones.  So even sue-happy Apple wouldn’t pull the trigger on that.

  13. Are people just making crap up now that they announced a galaxy event for may third? We don’t even know if its for the SIII! Could be for the galaxy players.

    1. “The next Galaxy”  It’s pretty obvious, no?

      1. No, it’s not – they could be playing off the S3 hype to get all eyes on the unveiling, then pull out the new Player. It’d pull in tons of publicity and be sure to get the word out about the new Galaxy line of phones.

        The only people that would be mad are the droid fans like us who’re gonna buy the S3 no matter what; it wouldn’t affect the larger public’s perceptions except to raise awareness of the Player.

        1. They already announced new Galaxy Players…

      2. Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Player, Galaxy Toilet…

  14. It will have a 720p non-pentile screen, and a better CPU for sure. I’d say that alone would make it as much better than the SGS2, as the SGS2 was better than the SGS1.

    1. Are you sure about the non-pentile part?  I wish I could find the post where someone did all the math for me, but a 720p Super AMOLED+ would be a pretty serious hop in technology.  One can certainly hope though.

      1. Of course I can’t be sure.. :) But I would be surprised if it wasn’t an upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus.

      2. It wouldn’t be much more of a hop than the Retina Display they made for the iPad.

        1. You can’t look at it that way.  The kind of pixel density seen in the new iPad was around before the new iPad came out.  The iPhone has had the same screen type and pixel density for a while.  Even when the iPhone came out, it increased pixel density by less than 20% of what we had seen before as consumers.

          Now jump to the SAMOLED+.  The highest pixel density we have seen for SAMOLED+ is with the Droid Charge and Galaxy SII, each of which is 218ppi.  Say the SGS3 went with the same size screen as the Galaxy Nexus.  That would be 316ppi.  That’s a nearly 45% jump in pixel density in one generation of technology. 

          I’m not saying it is impossible, but it is unlikely.

  15. Well, i knew it was gonna happen. No phone could live up to all this hype. They are trying to warn people now, so they don’t become disappointed at the announcement. Oh well…….

  16. I heard the new Galaxy S III will feature a 9.67″ display with a QSXGA (2560×2048) resolution, 11 core CPU, 16 GB RAM, 37 megapixel camera that’s mounted on a wheel thing that will allow you to spin it to take pictures of yourself, 5G, teleportation machine, time machine and a removable hot tub!! This is going to be the best phone ever!!

    1. 9.67 inch display!? So is it a tablet or phone? LoL!! 

      But I wouldn’t get that. It doesn’t have removable data, so you’d data cap insanely fast on that 5G. And a wheel? Please… That’s so last night. It’s all about Spheres now. Get with the times. 

      1. It is going to be classed as a “Phablet”. You know, a phone/tablet. I forgot to mention that the back of this thing is a butcher block top, and a slap chop is included in the box!  
        Best phone ever!

        1. PadPhone! I repeat PadPhone! Phablet sounds so ugly. Don’t let it trend

          1. It’ll catch on and I’m going to copyright it first!

          2. Screw “pad phone”. Why should any tablet/phone hybrid have the word “pad” as a descriptor? Let Apple keep their trademarked words to themselves, I don’t want their brand polluting the market any more than it already does. It would be a bit like saying “motorHonda” instead of “motorcycle”. The handheld keyboardless computer has a descriptive name, and that is tablet, not pad.

          3. who cares! Call it a tabphone then. Allow phablet, it sounds wrong

    2. It will also have a dark matter core that allows the entire phone to mutate into an even better phone at an upgrade price via an input code via muons fired from an optional electronic device sold separately at another extra cost.

  17. Of course it’s going to be a minor upgrade, the gs2 is a beast and tech hasn’t changed much since its release. All we are going to see is a bump in speed, nothing ground breaking.

  18. Well in the Past they refreshed the Galaxy S with the Galaxy S+, so if this news has any truth in it it would likely be marketed as Galaxy S II+.

  19. Would be nice if they eliminated TouchWiz and went for the Pure Google experience with ICS.

    1. Not going to happen :(

    2. Will never happen but we can all hope they scale it back, perhaps make it just an optional launcher you can “disable” while still allowing use of any good widget from TouchWiz on the “stock look” launcher

      1. They already do that in sprints epic and epic touch (even in the ics leaks) although there Widgets don’t work as intended but still work

        1. Ah right, that’s interesting, they haven’t done anything like that over here in the UK but who knows might happen, but I think TouchWiz and Sense are too much a part of the Android “choice” ecosystem that they won’t go away anytime soon or ever.

  20. Haven’t they come out with many variants of the SGII, with lots of extra adjectives, e.g., the SGII Skyrocket, Skyrocket HD, etc? Why would you name it an SGIII if it wasn’t all that much of a bump from all the other bumps they’ve had already?

    1. I don’t think it’s so much Samsung bringing out the phones. I think it’s the carriers ASKING for Samsung, and other companies, to make these phones. So then now you have lyk 5 different Galaxy S2’s to choose from.

      1. It’s Samsung too, they released a GSII HD LTE. http://www.redmondpie.com/samsung-announces-galaxy-s-ii-hd-lte-with-720p-4.65-inch-super-amoled-plus-hd-display-1.5ghz-dual-core-chip/ Not carrier specific.

        1.  Ooo!! That is awesome!! I never even knew this existed. I don’t feel shortchanged at all. It’s a little too late for that. LoL!!

  21. Samsung is holding back. Sammy is waiting for the specs on iphone 5. Good luck.

    1. If that were the case, they could plop a single core in, along with a 4″ pentile screen and call it a day, knowing they already beat the iphone.

    2. IPhone 4s? Don’t hold your breath for iPhone 5. Galaxy s2 was already better way before the 4s came out. S3 would do the same

  22. Samsung is the first manufacturer that has managed to make a huge buzz around their flagship phone model like apple. 
    The difference is apple is able to release a slight upgrade over their old phone and get away with it, whether this is because they have released amazing phones in the past, or other products; i don’t know. Samsung however hasn’t done this, they’ve managed it with the SII and that’s about it; if they release a phone that is a slight upgrade, i don’t think they’ll generate this kind of buzz again.

  23. I don’t know how much better people want their phone to be.  The phones coming out now almost match my 6 year old desktop and it still runs perfectly fine!  It has 4 gigs of ram but that is about the only upgrade.  I just hope it has bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and a MAXX type battery.  Those are the only upgrades I’m looking for.  Oh, and nothing bigger that 4.5″ unless it has a tiny bezel, then 4.7″

    1. I see the market moving in the direction where the phone IS the desktop.  Go home and plug the device into a monitor sitting on your desk and turn on your bluetooth keyboard/mouse and voilà. 

      Like the Ubuntu phone concept… http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android

  24. This really doesn’t make any sense – if it’s just a minor update, why wouldn’t Samsung show it off or even release it at MWC?  Why all the secrecy?

    Let’s face it: Sammy has really gone to great lengths to keep this device under wraps

    – from the Apple-esque way of testing
    – no legitimate leaks emerging
    – launching four events on different continents at the same time on May 3
    – timing the release to correspond with their sponsoring the Olympics.

    It’s clear that Samsung is going for a blow-out with this phone; it’s going to be big, REALLY big.

    1. Perhaps, samsung is showing more than just 1 device. Could be a line of galaxy devices getting announced and then at the end, oh BTW, the SGS3 is here, but its just a shiner SGS2 LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! wah wah wah

      1. Still wouldn’t make any sense; no reason for Samsung to go to the lengths it has just to release a minor update.  They’ve invested millions into the secrecy and Olympics sponsorship; they wouldn’t cheap out with an inferior phone.

        And anyway, if they did the old “Oh, one more thing”, Apple would sue them for using the english language in a similar fashion

  25. Being greedy is more important to these companies than actually innovating.

    1. Yeah, greed is more important than innovation; I guess that’s why Samsung is developing flexible displays, quad core A15 architecture and integrated LTE.  

      Go back to your commune, hippy; your tired dogma is boring.

  26. My AT&T GSII is nearly perfect.  Some nice incremental changes would be: lighter materials combined with a larger battery, 720p resolution 4.5″+ screen, tweaked industrial design, ICS, improved GPU to handle upgraded resolution, and LTE.  I would trade all the other rumored tech for call answer/end physical buttons, but that is likely not in the cards.

    1. Isn’t that basically the Skyrocket HD they announced at CES or whichever show it was?

  27. Said this on droid life and i’ll say it again here: 

    gs2 is still one of the best phones out there. take the gs2, give it a quad core exynos, 720p samoled+hd screen, and ics with onscreen buttons, and you have a near perfect device. 

    we don’t need a huge overhaul in design to make a great phone. and honestly, only changing three  – 3! – things in a device is pretty minor to most everyone.
    i’m not worried :)

  28. This phone will go head to head with the next iPhone, so it needs to impress. Samsung isn’t that stupid. Even though they tried that minor update BS with the Tab 10.1 2 ( ugh what a stupid name) with basically the same specs as the gen1 Tab 10.1. Hopefully those rumors are correct they now have a quad core in the line up.

    1. Actually, no, the Tab 10.1 2 is better specs, ditched that piece of shit Tegra for a TI OMAP with PowerVR GPU, added microSD card slot, added ICS, put speakers on the front where they belong, and dropped the price at least $100.  

  29. 5 inch screen? I would love a tabla-phone. Unless Sprint is getting the Galaxy Note. Or if Tmo get’s an OFFICIAL tabla-phone, I’d leave my family plan and go to them. I lyk Tmo’s service better anyways. 

    Ima tired of rumors, though. May 3rd is ryt around the corner. Let’s just shut it and wait.

  30. Who wants one yr contarcts back? come on guys..I dont mind paying for a premium device and up the you know what for monthly on contract but I want yearly contract

    1. Be glad you’re not Canadian; they have 3-yr locked in contracts

      1. I know they have up to 3 yr contracts but if I am not wrong you get the option of 1, 2 or 3 yr contract right?

  31. Why do I feel like this rumor is spread by apple fan…er fanboys

    And you see how they don’t back up anything with facts? Sigh

    1. True; if you read the article it’s all “my anonymous source said XYZ with a sly smile”.  Crap journalism/page farming at its finest

    2.  Damned hipsters.

  32. If this is true, looks like Chris isn’t gonna be eating his underwear…. :-(

  33. Well… this just screwed up my day.  If Samsung follows the rotten Apple footstep, then count me out as a customer.  This rumor is a shitty rumor.  I hope it’s nothing true.

  34. I will bet on these specs: 4.6-inch display. 720p resolution. Non-pentile AMOLED Plus. Either their new dual-core or quad-core processor. NFC. 

    Good enough for a III title. Not too much so they don’t have anything to add for next year (IV).. =p

    1. Remember the deal! 

    2. Next year will be Youm, the flexible, indestructible displays + 5450 Exynos with integrated LTE.  

      They can stick the 5250 in this and blow out the specs and still have room for another WOW moment next year

      1. I would guess 4412 and not the 5250.

        1. A guy can dream, can’t he? The 5250 would make the phone worthy of being the “official device of the London Olympics”

          1. Well I plan on getting a One X next week if it does actually come out.  A 5250 would be enough to get me to return that phone lol.

          2. But the 5250 isn’t due out until the 3rd day, of the 3rd month, of the third quarter, in the Galaxy Tab 3. 

          3. The chinese Meizu is sporting the 4412; why would Samsung let a competitor sport the same chip as their flagship?

            Secondly, Samsung has 2 versions of the Exynos 5250; one for tablets, and one for smartphones

            And anyway, last I checked, the 5250 was supposed to reach mass production in Q2 of 2012, which is now.

  35. But the Skyrocket HD hasn’t even come out yet!


  36. Why would the make it on the “3Rd” if it wasn’t about the third galaxy s

  37. I have talked to a Samsung rep, and while he doesn’t know any major details, he did say that one of the major executives that was visiting in town kept referring to the phone as the “game changer”.

    Who knows? All we can do is wait and see.

    1. This should be a blog post instead of the CrapNet story

  38. Lol iPhone 5 is going to wipe the floor if true

    1.  They’re going to have a mop-case for it? That’s the only way it’ll wipe the floor…

  39. Lol you know this rumor was prob started by a bunch of iPhans so they can sleep better at night, they need to face reality at some point

  40. I stopped reading CNET UK some time back from their rampant bias towards iPhone. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were writing this just to try and bring Android’s biggest launch of 2012 down a peg or two.

  41. Samsung would be extremely remiss if the specs of this phone were not equal or better than the One X. And seeing as how that phone is be touted as the most powerful android phone yet (the first truly “next-gen” android phone), if Samsung can out do it even slightly, its a win, and it would seem, a marked step up from last gen devices.

  42. Hmmmm…. I wonder if its even going to be the Galaxy SIII or maybe a new ICS version of the Galaxy Note ;)……. Galaxy Journal

  43. 1080p screens only rolling out by 2015 for phones

  44. I think it will still be a major update. It seems like this came after BGR reported their crazy specs so maybe Samsung wanted to reel the rumors back in. My crazy feature would be for it to support the s-pen as an accessory.

  45. This entire article is an industry troll, you can tell as soon as they say Samsung is going to “copy” Apple’s naming conventions for their phones, which their marketing department would never actually follow. This site should have more journalistic integrity than to post this garbage.

  46. I think phandroid’s great. I don’t think they are bad at all, but that’s just my personal opinion.

  47. It’s not true. They just trying to control the expectations. “The next galaxy” or obviously the galaxy s 3 is gonna be a killer phone. Do you really think Samsung is gonna slow down now when it is enjoy succes like ever before. As if Samsung would let the iPhone 5 or 4double s be better. Get the frack outta here!

    1. Especially when they know that the iPhone is getting a re-design this time around.

  48. I would seriously laugh if their SGSIII was a minor upgrade. I’m a whole lot more committed to the HTC EVO 4G LTE for the reason that I enjoy root and CM ROMs, and not only that, but I don’t think that Samsung will be able to sway me to their side with some A9 quad-core. I still don’t see Samsung as a great Android company, but that’s because I got burnt by them 2 years ago with the original Galaxy. No reason to trust them now and get a phone that won’t get any big-league support from developers and the OEM.

    1. There are a ton of Samsung developers on XDA…

      1. Yeah, crappy ones.  I have never had soo many problems with Samsung developer’r roms on XDA.  They churn out the worst crap.  Yes I am complaining and no I don’t have to use their roms hence the whole reason my Galaxy Note is on stock right now.  I’m just saying, coming from roms for Captivate, and Skyrocket they have sucked!!  The ROMS I used for my Atrix and MyTouch 4G were all top notch…

      2. Seen the ROMs for the E4GT? Just a ton of stock TouchWiz ROMs with custom kernels, and the occasional MIUI with Unofficial Cyanogen ports… That’s pretty lackluster to me.

        1. Umm you might wanna check that again. There is the AOKP from and several other ICS roms

          1. AOKP changes nothing. Still basically stock ICS and it’s not stable enough at present time. There’s what.. 3 ICS ROMs? One of them is MIUI? And 2 of the ICS ports have been fused together for one CM9. None of them are at very good stability yet.

          2. The only bug on the AOKP is video recording..

          3. @tommydaniel:disqus Not sure if you’re seeing my point or not… But okay. Bottom line, Samsung = lackluster in my book.

    2.  evo one, all the way. I am a commited htc fanboy but samsung has pushed me to this. Day by day I lose fucks I give about this company.

  49. I’m guessing the specs are gonna be as follow:

    4.65 to 4.75 inch 720p super AMOLED plus display
    Ceramic blue/white back ( no more plastic)
    12 mp camera/ 2mp front facing camera
    Quad core exynos 4412 cortex A9 extremely well optimized
    2200 Mah non removable battery
    32 or 64 gig of storage options
    1.5 gig of Ram.

    Availability within two weeks in some markets, a month later everywhere.

    1. And in the USA 9 months after.

      1. Not this time. The Galaxy S line is bigger than Samsung now, it honestly reached iPhone status as far as popularity ( it has always been better tho lol) and will be made available as soon as possible everywhere especially the US which is a big market.

        1. Hope your right, I want this as early as I can get it.

        2.  iPhone Status? You need to get out more. I like Android but there is no single android phone out there that shares the same popularity as the iPhone. Samsung might make more phones but look at the disgusting shit it makes at times. Apple just makes 3 phones, far from perfect but wildly popular.

          1. I think you’re the one who needs to get out more, the world doesn’t stop with the united states there are actually other countries out there. And yes it has reached iphone status as the galaxy s line is now the most popular android line and the expectationshave never been higher.

          2. Dont be a moron, look at the time it takes, Samsung to sell 10 million galaxy s phones, 10 months. Apple does it in a week.

          3.  >implying there is more to this earth than ‘merica, Wut r ya some kinda commie!

          4. And yet Samsung is the number one phone maker in the world. Do you know how many people are waiting this announcement? If you’re looking at it from a fan boy iphone user perspective you won’t understand but this is the phone android users have been waiting for, in fact everyone else like the carriers who knows this will be a hit. Besides the iphone and the galaxy s series no other phone gets this kind of attention therefore the galaxy s has reached iphone status. Not in sales but in popularity you need to get out of your apple bubble buddy.

          5. Lol I own a sensation, and an evo before that, so I by no means am an iFan, yes Samsung is the number 1, phone maker (not smart phone) and that can still be argued if you bring in Nokia. Samsung makes horrible dumb phones not worth a shit, iPhone doesn’t. Just be real with it and admit you’re wrong, in no way is the Galaxy S line as popular as the iPhone. Sure Android is more usefully better, OS.

          6. OK now I get it, you’re actually an HTC fan boy and hate Samsung. That’s good for you. ” Samsung makes horrible dumb phone not worth shit” what are you smoking? The galaxy s 2 runs circle around your sensation and the iphone 4s. Obviously there’s is no point of me arguing with someone who isn’t objective but either a fan boy of apple or HTC or just a dumb ass anti Samsung. Either way the Galaxy SIII is gonna kick ass so just sit back and enjoy the show!

          7. Dont be stubborn and stay on point, Samsung line of Galaxy S phones are no where near the popularity of Apple’s iPhone. In Q4 2011 Apple was the top Smartphone Manufacturer, beating out Samsungs entire smartphone line up, including BADA, Galaxy Nexus, and the Note, Apple did it with only 3 different phones two of which you cant tell apart visually. That speaks volumes to the lack of popularity in Samsungs Galaxy S line of phones.
            Source: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Apple-reclaimed-top-smartphone-maker-title-in-Q4-but-Samsung-still-finished-ahead-for-2011_id26336
            I await your retort!

          8. Lolllll! Didn’t I told u that Samsung IS the world top phone manufacturerwhy would you try to bring up Q4 2011? The Galaxy s 1,2 and soon 3 as reached iphone status in popularity. Samsung is getting lots of attention with successful releases like the note and not to mention that they make the best phone parts. Only Samsung can compete right now with apple that’s why apple is going at them hard because apple sees what Samsung is doing with their phone and again the galaxy s3 anticipation and popularity is reaching an iphone level. HTC one series doesn’t even come close but the Galaxy line is known. And here is the kicker for you man the S3 will be the official smartphone for the London summer Olympics this July. Thast called popularity you don’t choose a crappy phone to be the official handest of the Olympics. Don’t hate.

          9. “Lolllll! Didn’t I told u that Samsung IS the world top phone manufacturer why would you try to bring up Q4 2011?” – you fool!

            Nah, Son, nah dont be delusional, Top phone maker for 2011 was Nokia, 2012 is still to early to tell, because even 1 st quarter reports are not out. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Nokia-was-the-top-handset-manufacturer-in-2011-says-report_id26331
            Apple’s 3 models of iPhone completely out sale, All of Samsung’s Smartphones, including note, galaxy S and etc, Bada, Windows phone. Just 3, how can you imagine its somewhere near as popular out side of the Android ecosystem?
            now what? Samsung can manufacture, but they cant code or design, for fucks sake!

          10. “Apple reclaimed top smartphone maker title in Q4, but Samsung still finished ahead for 2011” that’s from the link you provided me. You’re not really smart are you? Just proved my point that Samsung once again is competing with apple and I’m saying that the S3 anticipation and popularity is as high as the iphone.

          11. “Didn’t I told u that Samsung IS the world top phone manufacturer” – you were wrong about that, I proved Nokia is.

            “Samsung still finished ahead for 2011” – Apple doesnt make feature phones.
            “Samsung once again is competing with apple” – Thanks, Captain obvious, everyone is competing with Apple.

            “I’m saying that the S3 anticipation and popularity is as high as the iphone” – No its not, while Samsung once again took a page from Apple’s book and decided to introduce, its newest version of the Galaxy S in a separate event, and has gone through painstaking secrecy to keep its phone from being leaked to the press, outside of the Android ecosystem very few people await this phone. Samsung must tally up all its numerous amount of smartphones including Galaxy S and on, Bada, Windows Phone, to out sell 3 iphones, 2 of which look very similar and haven’t received a makeover for 2 years.

            How could you explain “Galaxy S line of phones” – only, mediocre sales when you compare them to the Iphone’s? Specially when you think they have the same popularity? Do you think they are popular but no one else buys them, and gets iPhones instead?

          12. Mediocre sales? LMAO the galaxy s 2 is the android phone that sold the most to date. “no one else buys them” my answer to you is that you’re an idiot. The Galaxy S3 will be the official phone of the Olympic games and that’s called popularity. Do you know what popularity is? It means when you speak about it, people know about it the more people know about it the more popular it is. The galaxy s phones have been on espn, CNN, super bowl commercials. Everybody knows about a galaxy s phone. Everybody knows about iPhones. Not everyone knows about an HTC one x or sensation. When the s3 comes out, it will be the competitor to the next iPhone as it is Samsung flagship phone and the only company that can compete with apple. I didn’t know everybody was buying iPhones, I’m not so isn’t the millions of people out there.

          13. Mediocre sales? – Yes! exactly as I wrote it, Mediocre sales when compared to the iPhone, cant you read?

            “the galaxy s 2 is the android phone that sold the most to date.” – yet not one single Android phone can outsell the iPhone.

            “The Galaxy S3 will be the official phone of the Olympic games and that’s called popularity.” – That’s called sponsorship, and is for sale to the highest bidder, of which Apple could surely purchase being its the most valuable company in the world.

            “The galaxy s phones have been on espn, CNN, super bowl commercials. Everybody knows about a galaxy s phone.” – Please step out of your bubble, not everybody knows what a Galaxy S phone is, if they did it would sale as the iPhone, of which it doesnt, no where near, so much so that Samsung has to tally up all its Smartphones from different platforms to outsell Apples 3 offerings.

            by the way, The Official Phone of the Olympic Games, great one. Ha, lol whats next Acer’s tablets are as popular as the iPad because they are the Official tablet of the Olympic Games?

          14. So you’re implying that if the Galaxy s 3 was more known than the iphone it will sell more? No not necessarily. See iphone users would camp out 2 days in an advance if the 4s came out in pink even though its the same phone. One thing is clear and that you don’t understand since you’re an HTC fanboy and anti Samsung, this galaxy SIII isthemost anticipated android phones this year. Android having the largest market share, Samsung huge success in 2011with the galaxy s 2 makes this S3 even more anticipated and popular. Everybody in the tech world knows this is a big thing and everyone is awaiting to see what Samsung does. That’s the same feeling when an iphone is released.not so much with HTC. Look at what they did with throne x software it is buggy as hell. But anyway Samsung will announce the S3 may 3rd and it will be its biggest launch to date. That my friend iscalled reaching iphone status.

          15. “That my friend is called reaching iphone status” – Its pretty funny and pathetic of you for the Galaxy S, to reach iPhone status. Im sure Apple heads as far away as possible from Samsung status.

            “See iphone users would camp out 2 days in an advance if the 4s came out in pink even though its the same phone” – See that my friend is iPhone Status of which Samsung has none, and wishes it did.

            “galaxy SIII isthemost anticipated android phones this year” – I’ll give you that.

            “Everybody in the tech world knows this is a big thing and everyone is awaiting to see what Samsung does.” – Key words, “tech world.” Apple is way, way more popular in the regular world, the galaxy s line is referred to as just another “droid.”

          16. Lol as an HTC user you sure are a big apple fan. That’s what happens when HTC cant mess with Samsung and u have to use something else. Anyway while I was waiting your reply I was browsing the web and checking any news on the galaxy s event and boy oh boy!!!! People are crazy waiting for it! When I said people will camp out for a new 4s colorb and you said that its called iphone status, its actually called stupidity. But anyway I understand you hating on Samsung and all you being an HTC guy must really hurt. Sammy is borrowing from apple and it sure is working.I bet you apple will monitor what Samsung is doing. Do you think apple worries about what HTC is doing? No its not but Samsung? Yes. Why? Because it is gaining popularity every year and this year is biggrr than ever. Don’t fight it.

          17. “Lol as an HTC user you sure are a big apple fan. That’s what happens when HTC cant mess with Samsung and u have to use something else.” Thats what happens when you’re not a fanboy! I dont have to defend dumbass decisions from a company that doesnt give two shits about me, how much is Samsung paying you for this. Squat.

            “Anyway while I was waiting your reply I was browsing the web and checking any news on the galaxy s event and boy oh boy!!!!” – You’re kind sad, step outside your mum’s basement. Now it feels like im picking on some special ed. kid.

            “When I said people will camp out for a new 4s colorb and you said that its called iphone status, its actually called stupidity” – Stupidity Samsung would sure love to call its own, and something no one will do for a Samsung, why? cause its not on the same level of the iPhone.

            you know there is a thin line between, love and hate and you must make sure you are aware, where you stand when it comes to HTC because your insecurities seem to distort that line.

          18. See you don’t know shit about technology. I don’t Ned to be in my mum’s basement to browse the web, I’m outside with my nexus. I use to be a big HTC guy till they released that piece of garbage sensation and I had to return 3 to get one that was “OK”. Nobody is defending anybody here except you. I’m just stating facts and you’re being mad. Its OK if u want I’ll buy u a Samsung galaxy s 3 when u get pregnant.

          19. Sorry couldnt live with touch wiz tried, it hated it, specially samsung’s placement of the home and menu button, also didnt like low resolution screens, or artificial colors and yellow or blue tinted screens. Maybe if Samsung places the power button where it goes, makes a decent version of Touchwiz, makes a Samoled screen that can dethrone the One X,and moves up to ARM A15’s maybe then I will consider a Samsung phone.

            I never defended anyone just proved you were wrong every step of the way, Samsung Galaxy line is no where near as popular as the iPhone, seeing as it sells no where near as much as an iPhone. Samsung is not the top phone manufacturer, Nokia is.

  50. Maybe this rumor is linked to the launch of i9300, that is supposed to be something like Galaxy M or S II +… 

    But i really hope that Galaxy S III – i9500 is released with i9300 in May 3rd

    More on i9500

  51. Not a lot is going to surpass the usefelness of the Galaxy Note for me right now.  I’ll be interested when there is a Galaxy Note II. 

  52. So the galaxy s3 is not much of an upgrade, and it won’t be called the galaxy s3? That makes this article pointless. We already have updated versions of the s2. The galaxy s3 will be a next generation of the galaxy series. Samsung will not disappoint

  53. because samsung will still be using a9 cortex, so they call it a minor upgrade.. makes sense.. im buying anyway..

  54. Galaxy m is the infuse of the galaxy s series sp galaxy s 3 better be good

  55. Rever…lackluster…your scaring me…inever owned a Sam phone…they make sexy looking phones and thats all iknow. Looking to get a S3 or that new huge Droid that was once rumored.

  56. That would be a shame and one lost customer for Samsung. I’d jump on a WP8 Nokia. I doubt Sammy would take this chance.

  57. oh noes, minor upgrade only? My life is over…….

    back to symbian it is.

  58. Lets hope the radio in the gslll is stronger than gsll, it would be nice to get a signal at home for a change…. my wife’s evo has four bars, I have none…. great phone, very mediocre radio.

  59. It will be called the galaxy S3. They’re announcing it on may 3rd, 5/3. Notice how the 5 looks like an S

  60. There are some things I do not understand:

    Why quad core? Current batteries cant even last a day with dual core. Is there even a reason to have quad core on a phone right now? What I am saying is will anything utilize it?

    1080p – Can our eyes see this on a phone? I know that we cant really tell the difference between 720/1080 on a tv less than 32 inches, so why could we on a 4 inch phone?

    1. Multiple cores help save power. In the case of the Tegra T3 quad core, it can run 1, 2, or 4 cores, depending on demand at runtime.

      Working two cores at half speed saves power, and the idea extends to quads. My dual core gets far better battery life than the single core it replaced.

  61. We all hope that Samsung is going to smash it with the specs, and in my opinion they probably will. The rumours about new materials and wireless charging would be nice to have as well.
    What I personally want ON TOP of that is some sort of differentiator that sets it apart from all other phones. Regular people don’t give a **** about quad core this, 1080p that. Sammy needs a software home run as well. And I hate to say it, but something like Apple’s Siri – not as in a copy of Siri, I’ll be happy to let Google continue working on voice action/control – but some cool piece of software that actually makes life easier, or brings something completely new/unheard of to the table..
    Another example is Motorola’s Smart Actions. I’ve not personally used it, but it sounds like a good idea (although I wouldn’t trust Moto to code a “Hello, World!” app, personally). 
    I don’t really have the imagination required to say what it is that I want – probably because I don’t even know that I need “it”, whatever “it” is. Sammy must have good engineers, I hope they are allowed free rein to do what they want to this thing.
    At any rate, barring some colossal f*ck-up, I will be buying this phone the day it comes out. Hurry up, Samsung!

  62. Well, if being a “Me Too, Apple!” type of company gives them a boner… 

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