Apr 17th, 2012

The jump from the Samsung Galaxy S to the Samsung Galaxy S II was very significant, so we imagined there would be a lot of sweet surprises for the Samsung Galaxy S III. All of the event delays led us to believe they’d be working on some innovative things.

A source of CNET UK’s says that isn’t the case, though. We’re to expect just a slight upgrade over the Galaxy S II, according to the source. They likened the move to what Apple did going from the iPhone 4 to the 4S, or the iPhone 3G to the 3Gs.

They say Samsung may even borrow the naming convention of the aforementioned transitions. Samsung Galaxy S II S?Well, not necessarily, but they say  not to expect it to be marketed as the Samsung Galaxy S III.

All of this is a bit hard to swallow, but if we even get just a quad-core processor and an HD display, as well as an improved camera (if possible — Samsung’s cameras are already pretty nice) that would be pretty good incentive to upgrade.

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