Reservation for Republic Wireless summer beta program starting next week


Those of you who signed up for the Republic Wireless mailing list , or placed an order for the limited time the option was available in November, should be able to sign up for the reservation program next week. Keep in mind that despite your early interest, there is still no guarantee that you’ll make the cut.

Once you get the E-Mail with the details, you have until a week to confirm your participation in the beta program. Unfortunately, there is still no word on which device will be provided (a new one was said to be available from April onwards).

I’m pretty excited to see how their hybrid WiFi/Cellular network performs, what about you guys?


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Republic has potential to be BIG! Give them a good line of Androids, and I guarantee people will defect to this new upstart.

    1. Sort of like how people defected to virgin mobile? No matter what happens, republic wireless will still be 3g only and likely very slow in most places. Given what I’ve seen of sprint’s 3g speeds, someone would have to pay me to sit through the torture of using them.

  2. I’ve been with Verizon for years and I will jump at this if their new phone is a something special. The LG they offer right now has little appeal. 

  3. 4G? the places i usually go to doesnt offer wifi. 

    1. Where do you go?  I’m in a very rural area (Mendocino County) up here in NorCal and I get WiFi in many places.

      1. shopping, store to store (not the mall), highway, subway, my boss doesnt like us to use the workplace wifi. 

  4. Meh, catch is that’s it’s only unlimited on wifi, sure voip is cool but idk if it’s totally ready for something like this, especially on sprints 3g :P

    1. It does not use voip when it switches to the Sprint network. It functions just as any other cell phone. I have had it since November. And, i can say it is worth it.

  5. Couldn’t T-Mobile start something like this (if they wanted to), thanks to their newer phones all having Wifi Calling?

  6. Where I live in CT there aren’t many WiFi spots that overlap. Most of our malls, restaurants, etc don’t offer WiFi so while an excellent idea…. Not practical for me. Too bad though…

    1. Remember that a Republic phone switches to the Sprint network when there’s not WiFi coverage, so that shouldn’t be a problem – unless Sprint doesn’t cover your area.

  7. I thought this was a great idea when it first came out and was going to be an early adopter but the more I looked into it after they announced the phone I was really turned off.  If they would get some developers and work on a ROM that we could use to flash to more phones that would be something to consider.  I have a rooted Droid X2 sitting at home that would love a new ROM and the features.  But for now I jsut use GrooveIP and it serves the purpose as our home phone.

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