Android Overload: Nokia CEO Says Multi-Core CPUs Hurt Battery Life, Sprint Replacing iDEN with LTE in 2014 and More


In case you’re new around here, you have just entered into the world famous Android Overload. This is the one place you can always turn, when you have an insatiable appetite for even more Android related news. Since not every story that comes our way is published to our front page, we place them here. This way, you guys can give them the final once over before they drift off into the abyss of the world wide webs. Find something of interest? Be sure to let us know!

  • Jett Tailfin Racers and Demolition Inc are the newest titles Nvidia Tegra titles to hit the Google Play Store.
  • Samsung may overhaul the Galaxy Note 10.1. The tablet could see a redesign and/or spec increase. [TheVerge]
  • BBM still rumored to arrive on Android. Due out sometime this year. [TechnoBuffalo]
  • Sprint replacing iDEN network for LTE in 2014. [GigaOM]
  • Galaxy S II receiving Android 4.0 update on Vodafone (UK) April 17th. [TheVerge]
  • Nokia CEO says multi-core processors only hurt battery life. [BGR]
  • Pebble e-paper watch exceeds funding goal. Production is set to begin. [Kickstarter]
  • Google Goggles updated with new features to continuous mode. [Play Store Link]
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  1. Nokia? And the ceo realized they haven’t been relavent in over a decade right

  2. because Nokia is doing so well to offer up their opinion on mobile devices.

  3. Who cares what Nokia’s CEO says? And he should back up his comments with facts, not lies:




    From what I can see WP7 phones have some of the lowest battery life in the market, and that includes the Lumia 900.

    1. This is because:

      wait for it, wait for it…:

      they can’t shut down any cores since they only have 1, thus using more power!

      gotta love nokia, they’re so in bed with microsoft that the spin of reality is amazing. At the same time, they’re basically declaring that the 90’s are better than the 2010’s. Do they not remember when intel and AMD did multi-processor and explicitly stated that the benefit was also power savings and more flexibility with performance?

    2. Doesn’t Nokia CEO also say that an OEM building Android handsets is like peeing in your pants to stay warm in winter?

      Didn’t Nokia CEO write the Burning Platform memo outlining how deeply in trouble Nokia was?

      Isn’t Nokia the company that whored themselves to Microsoft, laying off 6,000 workers in the process, and building the Lumia (“prostitute” in spanish) phone; which isn’t selling, and they can’t even give it away?  (See also: Microsoft’s past efforts: Kin phone, and google for Microsoft Sidekick/Danger.)

      Basically, Nokia had a great business.  They took their eye off the ball due to internal squabbling.

      Microsoft is determined to force Windows 8 down everyone’s throat, because — they have taken their eye off the ball of their existing profitable business.  They are iDistracted by a shiny!

      All that is necessary for Apple to triumph is for Google men to do nothing.

      1. MS needs to cut their love affair with the Metro concept.  While Metro in itself isn’t a bad concept, if not done properly, it’s extremely detrimental to what it was created for.  MS moving too heavily with Metro is killing their mobile division and probably their computer OS also.  Balmer and Elop need to go, neither have the vision to keep things going properly.

    3. This just in, if you buy a car with a more powerful engine you’ll use more gas! Amazing!

    4. THANK YOU!!!

      I have been saying this since WP7 launched. Used to get jumped on by WP7 fanboys tho…even when I posted Anandtech charts…lol.

      LOL @ ALL those dual core phones ahead of the Nokia 900…

  4. Nokia stop flapping your gums about “smoked by widows phone” let’s see how many lumias you can sell before you exit the market for good

  5. Also id like to add … sprint replacing 1997 iden technology with lte in 2014??? 2014??? Wtf haven’t you fools seen that beiber commercial…it’ll be all about the 7g network in 2014

  6. Oh, Nokia.  Keep railing against reality all you like.  It’s good for a laugh.

  7. Because the CEO really knows what he’s talking about lol.

    Multiple cores means lower voltage total needed, which also means less battery consumption. Ads, ridiculously sized screens and the higher pixel counts all burn more battery than anything.

    However LTE is a battery DRAIN in good reception AND poor!

  8. Nokia says the darnest things, at this point Nokia and Microsoft aren’t even relevant considering they have even less market share than blackberry in the market 

  9. At this point, Nokia talking just reminds me of this episode..: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q8RDPC64VQ

  10. What’s up with the new titlebar on phandroid linking directly to iOS crap. Wowzer.. Phandroid really isn’t the same lol.

    1. ” 
      What’s up with the new titlebar on phandroid linking directly to iOS crap. Wowzer.. Phandroid really isn’t the same lol. ” because its Phandroid’s job. Journalists and bloggers’ job are to generate hits for their websites by any means necessary. They have long meetings with manufacturers on how they will incite controversy to rile up the Phanboys to patronize their articles & provoke them word wars. Consider this like a big wrestling match scripted, rigged, fixed. Phandroid has a dedicated sister website for all things Apple. Read between the lines people. Don’t take these people seriously. Don’t be caught up in their game play. Trust your own perception. Test them devices yourself. Use return policies to your advantage. 

      1. Weak sauce. The front page on the iPhone sister site has the Galaxy Note beating the iPhone. Of course, when you read between the lines instead of reading the actual lines, you’re likely to come to any number of conclusions.

        Your ideas of how Phandroid operates is hilarious.

        That you believe that your world really works that way is not.

  11. Elop, the …quad core…..Tegra 3 would like a word with you…

    If one phone is using a 90nm single core cpu and another is using a 28nm dual core cpu…or even quad core Tegra 3, (only quad core chip on phones we can see battery life for) I will put my money on the multi core ones.

    He sounds like some fanboys that make blanket statements and consider them fact. Like it was already mentioned…bigger high res screens and LTE are a bigger battery drainer than multi cores.

    Hell …like it was also already mentioned….being in a weak reception area is a bigger battery drainer than multi cores…lol I see you dont have to be a tech head or know much about the details of your market to be a CEO.

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