Apr 12th, 2012

Google has released the latest version of their desktop browser — Chrome 19 beta — for Windows, Mac and Linux today. Normally we wouldn’t feature desktop software like this on an Android blog, but the latest version of the browser has been added extra support for Chrome Beta on Android 4.0 devices.

When browsing from your computer, a new “Other Devices” option has been added to the bottom of a new tab window, allowing you to pull up your Android Chrome tabs and access them at your leisure on your desktop. And it doesn’t just pull up the tab, but that tab’s history as well. That way you can navigate forward and backward in that tab’s history on your desktop. Pretty revolutionary stuff.

The developer’s build of Chrome 20 was also released which now features the Chrome to Mobile option for sending desktop pages directly to your Android 4.0 device. You guys can grab the new Chrome Beta here. Happy browsing!

[Google Chrome Blog | Via Cnet]


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