LG Viper 4G Coming April 22nd?


After announcing the LG Viper 4G, Sprint didn’t give anything but a presale date (tomorrow) to look forward to. We know the device will be $100, but don’t know when users can expect it. Engadget has released a leaked document that suggest it could be coming April 22nd, just 11 days from today.

Sunday is an unusual day for a device launch on Sprint, but they have shied away from using their favorite day, Friday, before. We can’t imagine Sprint will have users waiting too long after presales begin so we remain hopeful. As always, it’s just a rumor so don’t go biting heads off if it doesn’t amount to anything.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. fun stuff

  2. The specs on this phone are really lackluster. I hope everyone goes for the new Evo LTE or the GNex…

  3. LG sucks. After the G2x i will NEVER buy LG again.

  4. They will probably sell about 100 of these phones lol

  5. What is this phone? I don’t even..

  6. Its not that unusual Sprint to release a device on a sunday there have been plenty

  7. Actually Sunday is the typical day for sprint to drop any mid to low end phone. Only their “flagship” type phones (ie Palm Pre, the Evo line etc) release on Friday

  8. Another Lg phone  >.>, they are really persistent 

  9. If they price it at 79-129 then this will be perfect for anyone wanting a lte phone that’s lower priced than others.

    1. They already said it will be less then 100.  99.99 I believe. 

  10. Do you even read the comments on your articles? Sprint releases ALMOST EVERY phone on Sunday. This has been pointed out to you already.

    I’m almost done with this site.

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