ASUS Transformer TF300T Up For Pre-Order Online – $380 For 16GB Model With Tegra 3 Processor


If you’ve been holding out for an affordable mid-to-high-end Android 4.0 tablet, it looks like you wont have to wait much longer. The ASUS Transformer 300 series popped up today in a Google search result, showing up at online retailers on both sides of the pond. French online retailer Tablette Store currently has the tablet up for pre-order at €500, while US retailer J&R will soon have the tablet available at $380.

That’s not too shabby a price when you figure the Transformer Pad TF300T is a 10.1-inch tablet with 1280 x 800 display, 8MP shooter and comes with Nvidia’s beefy Tegra 3 processor. It will also be available in a variety of colors like white, blue and red and features compatibility with an optional $150 keyboard dock. We’ll let you know as soon as these devices are actually available for purchase (and if those prices stick). Anyone looking to make this their next Android tablet?

[Tablette Store | Via TheVerge | AndroidCommunity | Liliputing]

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  1. Waiting for the TF700T!

  2. An absolute keeper… sold my iconia a500. Acer screwed us over with ICS, i think this tablet is the way to go for persons looking for an affordable but well spec’d 10″er. I’ll probably get the google tablet for my girl when that lands.

    1. @twitter-46405880:disqus – I’m running ICS on my Acer Iconia A500.  Curious how ‘Acer screwed us over’?

      1. acer screwed us over because they updated the a200 to ICS since Feb, and then said that the a500 had to wait till April to get it and guess what, it’s still not here… Not to mention that they’re basically the same tablet. Also, i had ICS on my a500 as well… A customer wanted it more than me so i sold it to him. Was about to get another cause I simply love the damn thing but i decided to wait and see what was on the horizon. 

  3. I will get a red one, after the original purchaser doesn’t like it and puts it on ebay.

    1. An opportunist.. I like that. :)

  4. This could push the Prime’s price down too. I prefer the aluminum casing more.

    1. So you don’t want a working GPS? :p

      1.  Who cares or even NEEDS GPS on a 10 inch device?  That’s a little ridiculous.  I’m getting tired of people complaining that they cant use a HUGE GPS screen when they drive, texting and driving is unsafe, what do you think a 10 in screen distraction will do?  I get some of the seldom uses if you walk or bike commute and need to stop and see where you are are, but past that why would you need GPS in a tablet?  I also get that “since it says it has it it’s supposed to work” but come on…get over the GPS issue already…..

        1. There’s always people that could put it to use.  It could be used by a “co-navigator” AKA passenger to help.  But there are plenty of people who don’t need it all the same.  I wouldn’t care if my tablet didn’t have it since it’d be a around-the-house device.  To each his own, i guess.

          1. 10″ tablets with GPS are good on the train or taxi. You can see over the horizon and navigate in an easier-to-see way than with a phone.

            I imagine there are lots of other uses. SAber just seems to be complaining for a misunderstood reason about other people complaining. Fun, huh ;-)

        2. It’s not just about maps and navigation while driving. Having it able to more accurately pinpoint your location for finding local businesses or restaurants is a huge advantage. If I’m sitting in a coffee shop and want to know when to catch the nearest train without having to pull out my phone, that would be nice.

  5. Want an 8.9 tab or smaller. I think Asus is doing a fine job supporting their devices and taking the lead in releasing good tablets. I was waiting for Samsung to put out something good but they’ve been an absolute disappointment, offering last year’s specs and they’re not even able to make them available on time.

  6. By the way, this is Rob, not the “ROB”, but Rob nonetheless.
    Bad humor aside, it’s early and I’m still half asleep, I think Asus is wasting resources on this. We are all waiting for the Nexus Tab. The rumors are just too enticing.
    THAT sounds like it’s worth waiting to see reviewed.

    1. The Nexus tablet will be 7″. This one is 10. The two tablets are not in the same market.

    2.  Zathras

  7. Does anyone know if it will be compatible with the TF101 keyboard? Or with the Prime keyboard?

    1. All the keyboards are compatible with one another, Asus promised that

      1. Clasic transformes and Primes have mutually incompatible keyboards…

  8. Yeah! Oh, wait a minute… This is not the high resolution model!

  9. anyone here on g+? add me.. kennedy myril

    1. Nobody is on G+

  10. Let’s see…$380 + $150 dock = $530 total. I’ll consider it.

  11. Screw the lower quality display, give me that keyboard. Does it fit transformer prime?

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