Is This A Clue That The Samsung Galaxy Note Is Coming Soon To Sprint?


Call it a simple marketing mishap or foreshadowing of things to come, but cruise by Sprint’s official website and you may notice a large, Note-like device in an ad highlighting Sprint’s parental controls app. Maybe we’re reading a little too much into this, but the device is obviously a Samsung handset with dimensions matching up perfectly with the 5.3-inch G-Note’s.

When it comes to carriers advertising services on their official website, more than often you wont find something like say a Sidekick being shown off instead a phone currently in their lineup. You can take this with a grain of salt, but our inside sources here at Phandroid have been whispering in our ears that a Galaxy Note is indeed heading to Sprint, with technical reps already receiving training on the device (around the same time as the Galaxy Nexus).

Any Sprint customers clamoring for a chance to pick up the Galaxy Note on Sprint?



Chris Chavez
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  1. I am definitely clamoring for LTE. I could care less about the afterthoughts it runs on (save the evo LTE). What I’m waiting for is the Galaxy Nexus successor as I have an upgrade around that time (october).

  2. Oh, its a clue, alright. Unfortunately, it is about 6 months too late. I, for one, will just wait now for the Note 2.

    1. And then you suddenly learn… that the Note 2… Is the Note Sprint is getting. o_O Just kidding haha, it’d be awesome if Sammy had something like that planned.

    2. And then wait a year for Sprint to get that one as well? You make no sense.

  3. Looks like an oversized Epic 4g Touch to me.

    1. It is. Isn’t it marvelous? Oh, and it apparently has awesome powers of battery

  4. Nah. The note is fast, and it makes all the other phones look insignificant, but that thing is way too big… Also its coming to Sprint way too late… HTC EVO 4G LTE ftw.

  5. If they kept it exactly the same as the International version, I’d want it more.

  6. Yeaaaahhhhhh…. i see freedom on my hands and fingers…. ooohh you don’t know what it is being on 6’2″ / 280lbs and hands like baseball glove…. i love my et4g…. but this a brain orgasm!!!!!…. He heard my prays!!!! Lmao

  7. Sprints version will be entirely different now that Samsung has an exynos friendly LTE chip. Bank on that.

  8. I honestly dont see the point in all this in the US we get all the Samsung devices around the time the new flagship announces. Why would anyone want to buy something that will be outdated a month later while I know its almost impossible to stay completely current in today’s tech world its a serious waste of m, money to buy a phone when they later version will becoming out in a few weeks or months at the same price point.

    1. Oh my gosh, really? You’re making it seem lyk the next phone is lyk 1000 times better. If you were to get the Galaxy Note, you would not be disappointed. I’m sure the phone would be able to handle your needs perfectly for 2 years. If the HTC G2 with it’s 800 MHz had me for 1 year, then I’m sure you’d be satisfied with anything you choose.

      You don’t HAVE to stay up to date with the new phones. It’s not a waste of money to buy the phone now. It’s a waste if you try to stay up to date with technology. You’d be buying a new phone 3-4 times a year.

      Oh. And the GS2 came out when? And I’m going to guess you think the Galaxy Note is “better” than the GS2? I find that interesting since I believe the Galaxy Note isn’t all that much different than it being a hybrid.

      I can tell you this. All the phones that do come out this year are probably going to be on par with each other. Meaning if Samsung released 2 devices, I don’t think the latter one would be overall better.

      1. Well to be honest, the EVO 4G LTE is a hundred times better. But yea, i know what you meant.

  9. Who the hell is Sofia and why does she have a giant Galaxy Note.

    1. Giant Nothing… that phone’s bigger than she is… I believe we may have (I stress “May Have”) reached the size ceiling for mobile phone with this photo. :-)

      1. yea no joke you need to buy a mini cooper accessory just to carry that thing around. 

        1. You could just hang a Smart on it like a charm…

  10. “Sofia, you can model for Sprint, but no texts from Greg.” – Sofia’s parents

  11. This is the phone I want.

  12. Honestly I’m getting pissed off at T-Mobile. Oh woopy do we get the One S, I would like to see some more phones on T-Mobile that aren’t window phones.

  13. I want it so much i am literally salivating!!! Best phone ever…if it was stock ICS but i will consider giving it up lol

  14. Too late my friend. Htc evo x will over shadow this young grasshopper!

  15. Yes Note, I am probably going to end up buying this phone off contract, I LOVE THAT SCREEN!

  16. The new bar for phones has been set, this is easily a 5 foot screen.  ;-p Totally manageable.  Who needs pockets with that, just put in in your cars passenger seat and buckle it up.

  17. EVO LTE vs The Note = David vs Goliath. Most of us know who won that battle.

    1.  Sorry, but your analogy is off. It should be more like, “Krill, meet Whale.”

      1. No, it’s more like NY Giants vs NY Yankees.

        1. Or the NY Yankees meet the Texas Rangers… In the 2011 Playoffs…. :D

  18. While this is great and I really would like to have an LTE phone, unfortunately they don’t have any LTE plans for my city that I’ve seen for this year, so what’s the point?  I will just have to make do with my WiMaxx coverage and this phone till LTE shows up cause I don’t want to go back to 3g speeds just to get a faster phone.

  19. Well, it looks like we might be buying the Note earlier than we thought. My wife and I went into SAMS Club last night, and we were just walking by their phone display. Not phone shopping, mind you, just walking by.

    She caught sight of the Note, walked over and announced that she wanted to buy it RIGHT NOW, withotg even looking at any of the other, smaller phones. She is not even 5′ tall and has small hands, but it was love at first sight.

    The only problem? They were out of stock. “Sold Out, again,” according to the sales woman. They sell a huge number of them to women, she said, and they are always running out of stock. Not the iDinkies, just the Note. And, of course, the $280 price didn’t hurt anything, either. My wife informed the sales woman that, “She’ll be back. Please call her when the Note is back in stock.”

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