earHero Headphones May Make You Look Like a Secret Agent, But They Are Just Really Cool and Safe [Video]


We were just tipped to a product called earHero, a new line of headphones which promote stealth, but safety at the same time. earHero uses a tube-based audio system that can go up your back and around your head into each ear. If you’ve ever seen a secret service agent, an FBI agent, or an agent of any other cool government or private firms, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

These aren’t meant to be micro-communications devices, however – they’re just your run of the mill headphones. Alongside the fact that they look cool, they are also designed to be safe. Runners, bikers, and others who enjoy outdoor activities are encouraged to wear headphones which won’t completely block sound so that they may hear their environment.

earHero provides just the thing for those of you who require that sort of functionality. They’re promoting best-in-range quality, though I wouldn’t be able to confirm or deny that notion at this point. Check out a demo of the product above, and if you like what you see be sure to check it out in more detail over at their site.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. “though I wouldn’t be able to confirm or deny that notion at this point.”  Is that because you had to publish this advertorial before they’d send you your payment, uh I mean, “reviewers sample?”

    1. Please don’t do this. Not today. We do not get paid to write anything that isn’t specifically noted as a sponsored post. If you don’t see the word “sponsored” anywhere, we’re not getting paid for it.

      1. agreed. ”
        We were just tipped to a product” doesn’t mean “we were just paid to promote”, it can simply mean they were browsing the interwebs & came across this technology.

        i didn’t see it as sponsored promotion, just an “fyi–these earbuds might go well with your android device while you’re running/biking/walking/stalking like an ephBeEye agent” :)

        1. I should point that i said “suspicious” and not “guilty”. (heck , it wouldn’t be something too bad even if they actually did it – money has to come from some source after all. Having “ads” about products that are not related to android is better than other sites that change their regular articles)

          What you are saying could be true, of course! It is just a little strange to find such an article here, that’s all

      2. no, i’m patrick.

  2. It would be nice if runners, walkers, and riders would be able to hear their environment. There’s nothing worse than having to yell “LEFT!!!!” at the top of your lungs when someone slower than you is blocking the path and can’t hear because their music is too loud.

    1. As a runner who actually goes out of my way to look for headphones that are safe to wear running, I can tell you that manufacturers aren’t too big on the idea it seems. Even the stuff they sell in the fitness section at Best Buy seem to be the last thing someone should be buying to run with.

  3. I’m thinking more like they look like you have a hearing impairment, not cool. 

    1. I don’t think they look like that, though they could perhaps serve as a cheaper hearing aid if paired with a necklace mini-tablet. It could play music or answer the phone (or be the phone) and pause and amplify sounds whenever there is a human voice detected, any loud sound, or when the user presses a button.

      Hearing aids are one device that have not come down in price over the years.

      Pair them with google eye, and you’ve got a nearly transparent, immersive augmented reality setup.

  4. Very cool, I want them.

  5. As a cyclist: The Wind while riding 40km/h is so loud, that the volume would have to be really loud to enjoy the music. But then I would probably not hear everything I need to hear to ride safely. I would like to test it though, because music motivates me while training. But I would never put motivational music above safety.

  6. Interesting. I wish I could find a dealer or location to evaluate these.
    Also for the price ($149), they should be made here, in the USA. 

  7. The only real problem that I have with this “article” is that you could be recommending a really terrible product. And $150 is not ridiculous when it comes to headphones, if they are quality peices at least. While I’m sure a non-sealed earpiece is not going to produce an optimal aural environment, it would be nice to know… are they similar to non sealing earbuds? How comfortable are they? What is the fitment process?

    It didn’t read as an advertisement to me, but I almost wish it WAS a sponsored review, so we could get some actual details. 

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