Samsung Infuse 4G users, Android 2.3.6 is ready for you


Although it’s disappointing to see that it has taken so long for the Infuse 4G users to get a taste of Gingerbread, virtually half a year after the announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich, some update is better than no update, right?

So, if you haven’t put a custom ROM yet, fire up Samsung Kies Mini on your PCs, and move up to software version UCLB3. What’s in it for you? As Android Central lists, the upgrade brings to you:

  • Improved Copy and Paste functionality
  • Redesigned Multi Touch Software Keyboard
  • Download manager for long running HTTP downloads
  • Improved power management and application control
  • Notification Shade: “Flight Mode” added (“Silent” removed)
  • New Fonts options added include Choco Cooky, Cool Jazz, Rosemary
  • Keyboard Changes: Android Keyboard with Wider Spaced keys and Quick Keys at the top
  • New Widgets: The name of the content provider will be listed on the widget list along with the widget name. Previously only the widget name was provided.
  • New Widget: Traffic (Android) added to list of available widgets
  • Menu Changes/New Apps: Downloads and Google Books added new, Promotional pre-load of Angry Birds removed.

For some reason AT&T suggests you take a backup of all your data, as the upgrade causes a hard reset (though some claim it didn’t).

[via Android Central]

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  1. My OG droid is running 2.3.7 :P

    1. my og galaxy s is running 4.0.4… what’s your point?

    2. It can run ICS too.

    3. yeah…it’s epic.

  2. I hope AT&T’s network isn’t as slow as their updates. Haha

  3. I still have the infuse tho I don’t use it, still going to upgrade it to see how it works out

  4. @Justin att network is hauling ass, all the people I know around here is either att or Verizon and 1 or 2 sprint user’s, and att is double the download data on 3g, and I get a good 10-15mbs faster on lte, it took us a while to here but we finally made it…lol

  5. Samsung and at&t should be ashamed of themselves for taking this long to release gb for this device!

  6. OK so about 5 months ago I gave my wife my Samsung Infuse “4G”, I promised her that Gingerbread was right around the corner. AT&T made me lie to her!(not like she cares) So I’m thinking “okay its finally here” so I load it on to her Infuse and the damn thing looks no different than the 2.2 launcher? Really Sammy? You could not improve the launcher look even a little better? You couldn’t have included the GB wallpaper? REALLY?!?! What the hell was the entire 7 month HOLD UP for!!!!?!?!?! This is where I would normally state that I will never buy a Samsung product again, but I just got the damn Galaxy Note..

  7. I’ll admit thought it does run a little smoother than Froyo,but then again the Infuse even buy today’s standards is no slouch. I just hope they fixed that stupid “Display Brightness” bug, you know the one that when you received an incoming call, the screen brightness would automatically kick itself all the way on full blast? Yeah that one!

  8. this it a sham for AT&T they should have released ICS for samsung Infuse 4g!! after that long  2.3.6>!>!!!!!

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