Asus confirms provision of GPS dongles to Transformer Prime users


If your Asus Transformer Prime tablet is one of those affected by the GPS issues, we’ve got some good news for you: Asus has confirmed to AllThingsD that they will be providing users with GPS dongles to alleviate the issue.

More details on the program will come in on April 16th, when the manufacturer will open up a sign-up page. Whether or not the dongle will be free is still doubtful, but I’d be surprised if they charge for it considering the poor reception the tablet got because of this issue.

Where will it fit? Some xda-developers commenters have mentioned it’ll attach to the proprietary dock connector, and is minimalist in design.

[AllThingsD via The Verge]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. dongle?  dongle?  i don’t want some clunky dongle!

    do you hear me Shen?????????????????????

    1. So, you want my Transformer Prime, which cold locks to 9 meters in 5 minutes, and is stable as I drive around?

  2. who is using a tablet to navigate anyway?

    1. lol i know right considering they prob also have a smartphone that can do it even better snice it has more antennas 

    2. Tablets can be quite useful for mapping. On the train or in a taxi, with google maps cached or with a WiFi-tethering phone, the bigger screen is useful. 7″ tablets are even mobile enough to take hiking.

      For general walking and biking and such, yeah, tablets are a pain, but don’t think people don’t use GPS with their tablets.

  3. so are we stuck with this boring article until monday?  cmon phandroid cmon…

  4. Seeing as it costs $25 for a replacement cable (of the same annoyingly short length) why wouldn’t they charge for a dongle? It’s the Apple way after all…

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