Pantech Crossover finally finds its invitation, joins the Gingerbread army


After the Samsung Infuse news today, and now the Pantech Crossover getting it’s update to Gingerbread you could have easily mistaken Android 2.3.6 to be the latest version of the platform. Unfortunately, that’s the sad truth of the situation.

Anyhoo, here’s what you Crossover users can look forward too, as detailed by Pocketnow.

New User Features


– Native support for SIP VoIP internet telephony.

– GTalk now supports Video chat.

– Updated user interface design with increased simplicity and speed.

– Improved virtual keyboard (Android Keyboard Only)

– Improved accuracy

– Improved text suggestion

– Support for voice input

– Enhanced Copy/Paste functionality, allowing users to select a word by press-hold, copy, and paste

– Download Manager App to easily manage downloaded files

UI Improvements


– Improved Gmail application.

– Shadow animations for list scrolling.

– Additional Improvement

Improved power management


– Fixes two known bugs

Developer Features


– Enhancements for Game Development

– Additional Khronos standard such as OpenSL ES, EGL for better multimedia performance

– Concurrent Garbage Collector technology embedded to reduce lags in playing games

– Increased support for native development


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I’m sure the 4 or 5 owners of this device will be glad to hear the news.

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