Tasks Is A Holo Themed App Optimized For Phones And Tablets – Compatible With Android 2.2 Devices On Up


When it comes to the Google Play Store, there’s definitely no shortage of tasking apps to keep your busy lives in check. But a team of 4 Swiss developers are changing up the game with their newly released app called Tasks which not only looks great, but offers full compatibility with a variety of Android devices. Tasks syncs with your Google Tasks account, making switching between your Android tablet or phone a painless process.

Apparently, somebody forgot to send the developer the memo about Android’s “fragmentation problem,” seeing how Tasks features both an optimized tablet UI for larger displays, as well one suited for phones. Not only that, the app is fully compatible with all Android devices from Froyo (Android 2.2) on up, and Tasks adheres to Google’s Holo design guidelines making the app easy on the eyes. Definitely one of the better, good looking, full featured tasking apps in the Play Store.

You can find Tasks in the Play Store in either the free version (with ads), or the special promo 99 cent paid version (but only for a limited time). If you guys get a chance to check it, let me know what you think.

[Play Store Link]

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  1. I love Holo.  Now all they need is a black theme.

    I love the checkbox for awesome as well.

    1. They have a dark theme, or did you mean a true black theme.  I would think that would be hard on the eyes.

  2. I thought that Action Bar was only compatible with 4.0+?

    1. No there’s a compat library that let’s it work on older devices as well. I’m building an app using it now. App looks just like an ICS app on an older phone.

  3. Nice, I was using Anydo which is not bad at all. But this is very fluid and HOLO theme is great. I would like to see a black theme will buy the app within 10 days cause Anydo is good to and free.

  4. This is what we really need to see. Good Android apps with good tablet interfaces being promoted by the Android blogs. The mainstream won’t promote them as alluded to by Robert Scoble the other day. They’re only going to talk up the iOS apps. I want to see devs focusing on Android and providing a top notch experience.

    I’m also glad to see the fragmentation myth being called out here.

  5. It looks nice, but does not sort by due date. I’ll be sticking with GTasks.

  6. i like it but it need to be able to choose the reminder time. for now i’ll stick with gtasks 

  7. LOL read the comment about how it doesn’t sort by due date.
    How can you release a task app that doesn’t have this basic function?

  8. Gtasks still rules. Tasks may look cool, but their widgets are huge.

    1. Um, resize?

  9. The developer assures that sort by due date is coming in the next update or 2 along with a dark theme.

  10. checkout this simple app didit..looks easier to use 

  11. Though this app is rather useless to me, it’s GREAT to see devs finally making their apps beautiful and following all the ICS rules.  Now if only the big devs would do the same, I’m looking at you Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, any weather app, etc. Most of the big companies insist on using their own tired, outdated interfaces, but have no problem conforming to the iOS theme.

  12. Thanks Phandroid. I was just looking for an app like this a couple days ago.

  13. Can I get a QR code?  Something is wrong with me making paid purchases on google play through my browser and it’s not showing up in the search on the play store….

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