Google Play Books Updated – Brings Revamped UI With Much Requested 3D Page Animations


For all you e-reading bookworms out there, you may care to know that Google has updated their Play Books (Google Books) application with a fresh coat of paint and one of the most user requested features — 3D page turn animations. A few more additions have been added as well. The in-book search works while offline and you can now add a shortcut to your homescreen for a single book.

While these new additions sound great, the update hasn’t been welcomed with much enthusiasm in the Play Store. Users are reporting a good amount of bugs depending on their device. So, for those who currently have the app and everything is running great, you may want to hold off on this update until the next round. Good luck.

[Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. But can it read books not purchased from its store? I use the kindle app to read .mobi books currently but would be interested to try others

    1. No, It doesn’t. Try Aldiko.

      1. Try Mantano Reader, much nicer than Aldiko.

        1. Not bad. I like it. Thanks. =)

  2. “Read the books you love everywhere you are.”

    Everywhere? Even say, outside US? :). False advertising there, Google.

    1. We have books in Australia as well these days

  3. Still no built-in dictionary

  4. Would love ePub support. Still going to stick with Aldiko.

  5. Great job. Get with the rest of the Android teams and tell them cool ass animations like this will sale to the public.  Most people will buy cool ass stuff.

  6. I know this will be a whiny-sounding comment, and it’s also possible that I might be missing some setting, but does anyone know if it’s possible to turn off the 3d page animation? Most digital readers and such have always bothered me by taking too long to load the next page, and I was thrilled that this app didn’t have that issue. I realize that it was a highly requested feature, but for me this app is completely ruined if I can’t get this animation to go away.

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