Nokia Lumia 900: First contender to Android or just another Windows Phone? [POLL]


The Nokia Lumia 900 is still a few days from release, but the reviews are already pouring in. While the general consensus is that the Lumia is the best Windows Phone experience to date, opinions are a little more mixed on whether or not it will be enough to contend head-to-head with Android (and the iPhone, for that matter). So it got us thinking: are there any Android users out there tempted by the Lumia’s stylish design?

If you’re even half tempted, you may want to check out WinSource.com (our sister site) where you can win 1 of 4 Nokia Lumia 900s and $550 in Amazon Gift Cards just by posting on the WinSource forums.

As a refresher, the Lumia 900 features a 4.3-inch display at 480×800 resolution, 1.4GHz single-core processors, and an 8MP camera with 720p video recording. Obviously, its specs don’t touch your average dual-core Android powerhouse, but neither does its pricing. The 4G LTE Lumia 900 will retail for only $100 through AT&T.

So we turn the question over to you, our loyal readers. Who is jumping ship for Windows Phone? Has the Lumia 900 won you over or will you be sticking with Google’s OS for the foreseeable future?

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  1. I don’t get the fuss about this phone. This is just yet an other Windows phone with outdated hardware.
    It is also very expensive for what you get.

    1. Agreed. Overhyped and overexposed cuz Microsoft is pouring so much money into windows phone. Most reviews I’ve read sound like Microsoft was paying off the writer

      1. You could buy a used android phone with similar specs for 100 with no contract. You could buy a much better phone for 150-200 used. Yes this is 100 new but it comes with a contract and the hardware is 2 years too old.

    2. 99 bucks for an LTE capable phone, AMOLED with clear black display, very smooth experience, decent camera and you call that expensive for what you get? You’re as cheap as they come son.

      1. Well here in Canada it is $100 on 3 years. You can get a Galaxy Nexus for cheaper than that.
        800×480, single core Scoprion, Adreno 205 and 512 MB RAM just isn’t a good combination any more.
        And it is even bigger than a Galaxy Nexus. I don’t get it, really.

      2. Why would you even compare the price on contract? It doesn’t relate to real price in any way, and also the rest of phone’s price is included in your montly payments. Please stop being dumb.
        If you compare – compare the retail price and what you get for it.

        1. Why would I even compare the contract price? Are you serious? Cause it is 99 bucks. Most people buy they phone on contract you retard. I can’t remember a phone launching at this low price with LTE. It surely doesn’t have the best specs, but it is absolutely worth the money. I just don’t understand how you can’t understand a simple thing like that.

          1. pantech burst lte 1.2 ghz dual core 5mp cam, 49.99
            htc vivid lte 1.2ghz dc with ics rear 8mp front 1.3, 99.99
            lg nitro hd lte 99.99 1.5 ghz dual core rear 8mp front 1.3 99.99

            and personally the vivid running ics which is optimized for dual core makes the phone soar,
            I sell every phone for att and NOTHING can keep up with the technology and user friendly experience that comes with the vivid. (also the skyrocket and the note boast better numbers but were excluded due to price points.)

            also this video is for the 800 but reason enough to buy it ha

          2. See that’s what you don’t understand. There is always something better around the corner. The Ome X is king right now, but Galaxy SIII will crush it in a month or so when it comes out. What matters is that it’s a pretty decent phone at a very affordable price, extremely user friendly and very smooth. It doesn’t matter if the vivid has 97 cores and runs android pear juice my point is it’s a good phone at a good price. What part of that don’t you guys understand?

          3.  These phones aren’t around the corner… they have been out for months now the burst is the newest and I’m not downplaying this phone at all but the technology is outdated and no informed consumer would purchase this over the titan 2 however with that said I do like the phone there are just others I like more.  plus I got tshirts and other promos so I am happy any time a new flagship comes out ;) it will sit next to my vivid shirt my lte shirt my note shirt my skyrocket shirt etc. etc.!

    3. Exactly what I was saying on phonearena.  Way overpriced for the technology you get. lol

  2. The Lumia 900 is just like the Samsung Focus S with Nokia apps…

  3. The phone feels great…  past that though, I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t get to play with it too long. As far as looks go, it looks like they got the insides figured it out and then crammed it all inside of a black box they had laying around. Windows OS just felt like so much wasted space with those giant tiles.

  4. I used a Lumia 800 for 2 months, it has a slick UI and all but still lacks a lot of apps + Windows Phone is a closed OS like iOS wich i don’t like Android all the way!!! Sent from Galaxy Note

  5. Every Windows Phone is just another Windows Phone. Microsoft is making sure they’re all standardized and non-themable, so what makes any WP7 phone stand out over any other one? More storage, nicer cameras and screens, but when it comes down to it, they’re all the same.

  6. The OS is optimized for the hardware so specs aren’t really a consideration.  Beyond that, the tiles suck and as long as MS keeps them, I won’t even consider buying one.  The only thing that could sway me is if XDA ports Android onto it seemlessly.

    1. I happen to like the tiles but that’s from an aesthetic point of view.  What it really comes down to is a matter of preference and what platform provides the  best user experience.  There are plenty of people out there who wholly prefer the Windows phone experience (those being what, 3% of all smartphone users?), but in general, I feel Android still provides the most bang for anyone’s buck.  Froyo was the start of making the Android OS a gamechanger.  Although I still miss rocking the $4.99/mo unlimited T-zones through my old Behold II.  Oh when unlimited data wasn’t $20 a month.

      1. I see the tiles being for social media outlets, which I don’t use my phone for.  I use my phone at work more as a PDA than anything else so the tiles don’t work for me.  That and I like my screens to be an outlet for wallpapers.

        What’s sad is the OS is really well optimized because MS has set hardware specifications, yet sales are tanking.  What I don’t get is why they don’t wake up and start asking why even the Windows Mobile users aren’t migrating to WP7.  If anything, their sales are going down, how low are they going to get before a big change occurs?  And if they don’t make a change, Nokia might have made their biggest mistake ever.

        1. That’s interesting because in playing around with the phone, I felt like it was geared more towards straight biz/prosumer as opposed to average consumer level. One of the problems I feel it has is that an every day Joe just can’t pick up the phone and start using it without having to take a peek at the Help/How to guide (which is installed, hehe). If they’re going to succeed they need to make everything more accessible.  I use to have an HTC Typhoon and I could make any sound file into a ringtone.  On WP7, you have to edit the file so it’s 1MB or under and less than 40 seconds.  That’s bull. Android allows me to take any song and make it into a ringtone no matter length or size.  I guess that’s why we have open source.

          1. meh – it’s not just an open source thing (making any audio file into a ringtone). every nokia i’ve ever had, till now, could do that. if the phone can play the audio, it can be used as a ringtone.

            windows phone seems to be taking a more apple-esque approach here: you don’t get to do just anything you want, there are windows of opportunity for interacting with the device. that being said, i’d put hard money down on a bet that nokia forces these sorts of things to change in the OS.

            nokia’s history is one of open and transparent use of the device – think back a short ways to when every phone is the USA had bluetooth as a hands-free accessory only… back then all nokias could send/receive any files, act as bluetooth modems, etc. if bluetooth supported it, nokia enabled it in their bluetooth stack.

            i got a free lumia 800 (dev gift from elop’s big windows phone announcement) and i can state categorically that if you aren’t already entrenched in another platform, nokia’s WP7 phones are hot and worth your attention. i personally like the experience much more than that of android or ios.

            conversely though, if you’re already entrenched in a platform you should likely stay with that platform. in my case, i have an android tablet (touchpad, woot!) and an android phone (yay republic wireless); i’ve bought into the platform as a whole and now have all my media, apps, documents, mail, etc integrated on my android running devices. this makes the improved WP7 experience less enticing to me. if i switched to the WP7, i’d have to drop republic wireless as a carrier, i’d loose the full integration of my tablet and phone, and i’d have to repurchase or buy equivalents for all the apps i currently enjoy using.

            now if there was a ‘trade-in’ program, where i got discounted or free versions of apps i’d bought on another platform (namely android), the story might be different. i might sacrifice a bit to try WP7 as my main device for a while, if i could try it with all my apps and without having to reinvest in them all….

  7. Beautiful hardware, beautiful yet broken OS

  8. You’ve biased the survey a bit by forcing a decision.  My next phone will not _definitely_ be anything at this point.  Am I quite open to a Windows Phone?  Yes! But I can’t truthfully select any of your possible poll answers.  (Can say it won’t be an Apple product.  Fer sure.)

    1.  if they adopted the android market I would probably be a little more accepting.

  9. Internal hardware…..meh

    External hardware…..pretty good looking


  10. I have an andriod eco system. So not even close.

  11. Won’t be leaving my galaxy note that’s for sure but i do hope that wp7 gets a stronger standing in the mobile world. Would love to develop apps for it.

  12. Is this HTC Desire HD with a new design, 4G and WP OS?

  13. Windows phones aren’t bad.  They are just a bit stunted in functionality.  I love me some Android but picked up the HTC Radar for free by recycling my gf’s Nokia E73 through their challenge.  I hate to say it, but I think the Windows GUI is pretty rich and very smooth. In some aspects, I like it more than Gingerbread. However, to me, it seems to work better as a tablet interface than as a phone interface.  There are a number of shortcomings to note off the bat. Android widgets rule.  I get one-click functionality for turning on/off my wi-fi, BT, GPS, screen brightness, etc.  On Windows Phone, you can only go through the settings menu. No OTA update pushes.  You sync through Zune and it is slooooooow. Apps that are free or 99 cents for us start at $2.99 for Windows: kinda lame (anyone know why the cost hike?). There is a bit of a learning curve to get use to their symbols and settings.  Not everything is intuitive. Their voice guided navigation isn’t exactly hands-free.  It requires you to tap the screen to receive step by step instructions.  The voice recognition isn’t also as well developed as Android but the default voice isn’t as robotic.  It also will not take expletives (which is funny because “poop” and “fart” are included in the list of expletives). So it’s still Android FTW.

    1. I agree. Except I’m willing to trade some functionality for the fluidity and stability of the OS…for now at least :) 

  14. I don’t understand why people say Nokia makes the best hardware. This looks ugly and cheap. And that bezel, ohhhh that bezel…..

  15. This is a crappy low spec phone that was way over hyped and should have come out last year! I’m sick of hearing about this phone.

    1. It has a 1.4 ghz snapdragon S2 processor and it’s old and yet it’s outperforms a lot of android devices in terms of fluidity, app launch time and all that. That’s a fact.

  16. Its an amazing looking phone but its still windows phone which is the problem…they have an app problem they is far from solved! Android just got instagram and windows phone isnt even on the road map. Thats its problem at the core.

  17. Interesting. …
    Arguably the largest website for Android users/fans creating articles and polls for non android phones asking what their next phone will be and if they’ll be sticking with Android yet lists everything but Android….
    Or is Android considered just a generic “Something Else” around here now?
    hmmm o_O?

    1. First option: “Android for life!”

      1. Must be some kind of bug, I use chrome and these are the only options I see

        Nokia Lumia 900 will be my next phone!
        Next phone will be some Windows Phone
        Next phone will be iPhone
        Next phone will be BlackBerry
        Next phone will be something else
        Psshh. I’m going to win the WinSource contest and then rock multiple phones.

        I voted something else, and was really confused that I didn’t see an Android option

  18. the survey sucks!

  19. Nope, I’m balls deep in Android.

  20. I was gonna enter that contest, but it was too much work for a shitty phone.

  21. Best wp7 to date.  But that really isn’t saying much.
    I want to like wp7, I really do… but it’s just so useless.

    Maybe I’m spoiled by Android, but it really fits all my needs.
    i know it’s not perfect and there’s still a lot to improve upon, but it just works better for the most part.

    1. I used a WP7 phone for a year as my work phone, it was fine for simple business tasks, email, browsing, looking at attachments, calender, it was ok for work , but otherwise was very limited in what it could do, iphones are even much more versatile. 

      While it did enough for my work it would never be sufficient for my personal cell, I’ve since upgraded my work phone as well to an SGSII and will never look back, that phone is extremely fluid and stable with great battery life.

      A lot of people who dislike Android originally choose one of the ugly stepchildren Android phones, which is a problem with Android mid to low end phones and unfortunately even a few high end phones. You have to do your homework because Android does have some duds, though they are getting better slowly.

    2. My opinion is almost opposite of yours. 

      I think that WP7 does all basic smartphone tasks very well, in fact even better than the Android phones I’ve used. It’s easy to use and I haven’t had a crash or random reboot in my four weeks with a Focus S. 

      Its weakness is lack of customization, a smaller app library, and list of features which obviously can’t hold up to Android. 

      I’m still an Android fan and tinker with a Nook Tablet constantly, but I was willing to trade the ability to customize my phone in exchange for a fluid and stable operating system. 

  22. And can I just give a big lmfao for the 1 vote for BB.  Seriously, did someone do that as a joke?  XD

  23. As an ex-windows mobile fanboy, I can’t believe their marketing campaign asks if you feel like you’re part of a beta test.

    I used to import $1,000 phones with their crap OS.  I wouldn’t touch their product after being part of their “beta test”!  Android is way better.

  24. LOL! At the specs… its decent LOOKING but developer support is what makes iOS and Android so successful. Blackberry is undeniable proof that without developer support your product will die regardless of anything else.

  25. if only it ran anrdoid

  26. I used Windows 8 on my computer today. I stopped using it today too. Windows better redesign it or else. It is a complete mess and ugly. I can’t believe that CEO Steve Ballmer would have let this junk reach the public’s eyes. Did you see the picture of the fish. Ha-ha my year old son could draw a better picture.

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