Apr 4th, 2012

Yes, folks. What you are looking at here is a bonafide HTC EVO One for Sprint. The device, which was to be unveiled during Sprint and HTC’s joint event tomorrow, was captured by the folks at An.Droid-Life and shows off the device in all of it’s… interesting glory. Not exactly sure how I feel about this design. The front of the device was leaked earlier today in a promo pic and it’s only now we’re able to see the device from all angles.

Overall I have mixed feelings about the design but it definitely matches up with the description were were given from our earlier contact to the tee. Have to say, I was hoping for a beefier kickstand. Maybe something a little more neutral in color and not this red chopstick jutting out the back. I guess I’ll hold off final judgment until we can see some HD video of the device from Rob when he travels to the unveiling tomorrow. How are you guys feeling towards the design? Hit or miss?

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