HTC EVO 4G LTE Presales Begin May 7th; Sign-up to be Reminded


With all the excitement of the HTC EVO 4G LTE this evening (see the announcement post here), you’re probably wondering when you’ll be able to get your hands on it. Well, we know it’ll be here Q2, and thanks to Sprint’s site it’s safe to say it won’t be here before May 7th. That’s because Sprint has confirmed presales will begin on that date. They’ll even notify you of your chance to pre-order the device if you sign up with your email address over at their site. We’re sure a lot of you will want to do that so make no delay in heading to the source link. [Sprint]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

HTC EVO 4G LTE Officially Announced For Sprint; Available Q2 for $200 [Unveiling Video]

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  1. Gonna do it the 7th this is my next phone

    1. Same here… I’m even gonna ante up full retail for it.

      1. How much will that be?

  2. to bad sprint has terrible 3g service and by the time they have any LTE my 2 year contract will be up with Tmobile. And theyll have even better phones out. Sucks to be on sprint right now 

    1. Agreed.  As much as I love Sprint I had to take a break while they build out their LTE network.  After my contract is up (Galaxy Note on AT&T) I may come back.  

      1. Same here but I went the Verizon route for the Rezound.  If Sprint steps it up in my area and still offers unlimited data I’ll come back.

    2. Well you can really only speak for yourself on that one because I get excellent 3G in MD, and my 4G gets me avg 8-10 mbps. Sorry you live in a bad area, but thats just your situation and doesn’t reflect sprint as a whole. And no it doesn’t suck to be on sprint, because its the most affordable, UNLIMITED LTE/3G/4G carrier out there that is upgrading its network and also bringing HD voice. It actually feels good to be on sprint FYI

  3. Presale? You have to wait over a month for a Presale? When will these manufacturers and carriers stop announcing handsets months before you can actually buy it?

    1. for reals? i’d rather know what is coming around the corner so i don’t make a bad purchasing decision i regret. the GNex is about to come out and had i not known about this phone i would have bought it… then i’d be PISSED when this released.

      1. Sprint has a 30-day exchange and return policy…..

        1. that they always exploit and don’t release new phones within that 30 day windows, its pointless for the scenario i mentioned. they have it there so in case you REALLY don’t like the phone you bought you can return it

          and i think its only 14 days now isn’t it? correct me if im wrong but i thought they changed it last year

          1. Pretty sure youre right… its 14 days now. But I think if you buy at BestBuy they will give you 30day exchange/return.

          2. Amazon also gives u 30 days

    2. More like two months before you can buy it.  

  4. Sprint has taken the gorgeous HTC One X and transformed it in to an ugly monstrosity. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. What on earth were they thinking?

    1. lol seriously? still bitching because the back isn’t the most beautiful thing ever… the phone is more then the way two plastic pieces meat on the back side.

      the specs of this bad boy are completely insane, it’s not missing a SINGLE feature, tell me what it is missing that another phone currently has?

      it has a kickstand, microSD, LTE, NFC, SLCD2 Display, beats audio, dedicated camera button, HD Voice calls, micro usb/hdmi port, s4 CPU, large 2,000Mah Battery, and on and on and on. most phones out today don’t have HALF of those things

      if the looks of the back had to suffer a little bit who really cares when you get all that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

      just get a case

      1. Well said.  Also it may have had to be this way to make the kickstand work in portrait.  

    2. U say the same thing on every post.  Shut up and get over it already.

  5. WTF when can i buy the G-Nex???????

  6. Thought with ICS, they would stop with the soft buttons and instead have the buttons on-screen, like GNex. What happened to that idea? Also, why do carriers announce phones months before it’s release?

    1. With this you get the same screen size as the Galaxy Nexus but sans buttons, thus you get a bigger screen.  I’d prefer it this way until they put out bezel-less devices.  

  7. Don’t you people also think that are complaining about the back think that there is going to be either replacement colors for that back part or thousands of cases? If all you can complain about is the color difference then there is clearly no problem. Wait until you see it in person it might not be so bad!!!

  8. I wonder if they will offer us original (from launch day) users any special deals.

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